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5 Trivial Signs on Garage Door Which Should Not be Avoided

5 Trivial Signs on Garage Door Which Should Not be Avoided

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Noticed any strange sound lately while you are opening the garage doors? You might think of it as a trivial matter and just ignore it but it could lead to a major problem such as the door panels falling off. While most of the issues on the garage doors can be prevented by doing regular maintenance but it would be wise for you to understand which trivial signs shouldn’t be ignored on garage doors.

1. Strange and unusual sound

The easiest unusual sound to notice is the sound. Garage doors tend to generate a unique sound when it operates which can be generated from the motors, cables, or even rollers and tracks. Over the years, you must have been adapted to its sound but when there’s a loud strange noise such as cracking, squeaking, grinding or any other unfamiliar noises, you should start asking a question “Where does that sound coming from?” and do an immediate inspection, once you have found the source note it down and later notify the expert in garage door repairs like All Time Garage Doors to fix it for you.

2. The door stuck halfway

The movement mechanism of the garage door should be smooth from the start of its opening/closing to its fixed point. However, if it suddenly becomes stuck at halfway for a moment; 2-5 seconds; this is another indication of an unusual sign on garage doors. This could be caused by something blocking its paths such as debris or damaged tracks. For a quick fix, you can check the track condition and do a clean wipe on it to ensure there’s no debris hindering the door panels movement but if you discover a damaged area on the track best to call the professional to fix it.

3. Unresponsive garage door remote control

The remote act as the beacon to deliver a command to the receiver on the garage motors to open/close the door in a split second, sometimes in real-time. However, there are many cases that the door remote becomes unresponsive; delayed 5-10 seconds; which often referred to as the battery has depleted. This is not entirely correct because there’s a possibility that the sensor on the remote for sending the command is damaged.

To check its condition, try pressing the button from a different angle and distance, the average distance for a garage door remote control is within 15 meters. Take a note on which angle and distance that it becomes unresponsive. Try swapping the battery with a new one. But if it’s still unresponsive better call a garage door repairman for help.

4. Surge in the electrical bill

Electrical bill calculated based on how much it being used monthly. Each month you already have a range of electricity bill that has to be paid. But when it suddenly increased significantly, it could be a sign of something wrong on the electronic appliances including the garage doors. One of the things you should check is the condition of the garage doors insulation, without a well-sealed door, outside temperature; cold or hot; can easily enter the house through the garage and makes the heater or air conditioner work harder to achieve room temperature. 

5. Cracks or small holes on the door panels

The garage door panels usually made of two different materials flexible metal; like aluminum; and wood. The latter can easily generate cracks or small holes all over the place. While you might think this is just an ordinary occurrence due to the door’s age. But it could be something else such as termites infestation. Termites love wood, if it neglected you will find the door panels become vulnerable to crumble. Because the inside of the panel has been eaten by Termites. Look for any sign of sawdust scattered all over the garage doors area. You can then call the professional in garage door repairs to fix it.


These five signs that seem trivial can give you a lot of headaches if neglected. The major issues that can be caused by all of these symptoms would be the garage door parts damaged. These later lead to the door panels fall which can be a danger for anyone safety. Therefore, call the professional in garage door maintenance to regularly service your garage doors to prevent any emergency situation from ever happening. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.

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