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Do You Need Fire Doors In Home? Find Everything to Know

Do You Need Fire Doors In Home? Find Everything to Know

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Is my home safe for my family?

Ever got this question in your mind while looking for safety measures in your beloved home. Probably you may think about this, especially when encountering news like ‘building collided because of low maintenance’ and ‘house got burnt up because of lack of fire safety.’ 

Such headlines force us to rethink the condition of our houses in terms of safety. But I have observed that people often neglected fire safety norms while constructing the building and during maintenance. They feel overconfident about fire safety. But we call an accident an accident for a reason. It could happen anywhere, anytime with anyone.

I know you care about your family and home safety that causes you to search for the fire doors in your home. So let’s dive more into fire doors.

The very first question that arrives in the mind is what a fire door is?

Fire doors are the type of door that has fire resistance capability, and it retards the spread of flames and smoke in different rooms and compartments of the building during fire hazards. These doors are heavy in weight and a little larger in size. The primary two types of fire doors are the fd30 fire door and fd60 fire door, which provides 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire protection respectively.

More fire-resisting time means getting enough time to vacant the place and gaining control over fire. These doors are 44 mm thick, thicker than regular doors.

There is no doubt that it should be compulsory to install fire doors on the commercial premises because of huge crowds. The case of fire accidents is higher in commercial buildings than in residential structures. Still, it doesn’t mean a residential building is free from such a disaster. 

No, I don’t have negative intentions for your home, but proper precaution is always better than regretting it later. However, certain circumstances make the use of fire doors necessary, like a door leading from a garage to the main house, etc. 

But it doesn’t indicate you can neglect other conditions. Fire doors are pretty effective safety precautions, and we must use them. Lack of consideration of such things can be dangerous. 

Fire-rated doors are a special kind of doors!!! 

The material and technique used for their manufacturing is such that it enhances the service life of the door and its durability in times of disaster. There are numerous benefits of using fire-rated doors. A few of the benefits of using fire doors are as follows – 

  1.  It helps in the quick and frequent evacuation of the occupants. Generally, these doors are more prominent in the area that allows easy evacuation. 
  2. It minimizes the damage to the property. By containing flames and smoke, it protects the spread of fire. The most common cause of property damage in fire hazard is quick to spread of fire in the entire premises, fire-rated doors slow down this process as well as it slows down the circulation of smoke.
  3. Not just fire, these doors can resist sound also. The fitting of these doors is airtight, which disables the convention of air and sound. This is why fire doors are good at soundproofing. If you install them, you will get free from a few irritating sounds that come to your house.
  4. Fire doors have a high-quality look. Nowadays, fire doors are rapidly used in commercial as well as non-commercial places. Hence, manufacturers are creating good quality doors with more aesthetic looks. 

Things required to install fire doors 

Fire-rated doors are different kinds of doors. These doors are distinct in terms of features, specifications and some extent of looks. With that, it is pretty different in installation. It would become useless if it is not installed correctly. There is full attention required in its every part so that there would be no inconvenience in future.

Additionally, fire-rated doors required specific types of frames because of their more considerable thickness than standard doors. You can’t fit these doors on the frame of your previous door’s frame. Both are unique, and you will need a new frame if you are planning to install it on the existing one. 

The door should be airtight without gaps at any point. If it is not fitted correctly, then smoke can easily pass through it, and then the point of installing a unique fire-rated door will be nothing. And it has been observed that fire doors can’t last long if it is loosely fitted. So, that would be great if a professional joiner installs it. He will take care of everything. 

Do you know about the legal compliance on fire-rated doors?

Yeah, there are rules and regulations regarding fire-rated doors for the safety of people. However, you don’t have to bother about them as it is more for commercial places. Along with that, the regulation for residential sites in terms of fire safety varies from place to place. 

So these are the things that you should know before getting to any conclusion. Now you have a clear idea of everything related to fire-rated doors, like what fire doors, how they would be beneficial for your home, how they installed and all.

We can say that the use of fire doors depends on the area and locality of its installation. But in the modern world, we have so many digital types of equipment in our house. This increases the danger of short circuits and other mishaps. That’s why it would be great to have proper safety at your home. So, you don’t have to worry at the time of emergency.

If you would decide to have a fire-rated door at your home. I will appreciate it, and I will suggest you check out fd30 fire doors. These doors can last for 90 minutes in most cases, and design-wise the door will make your day.

Final words

In the end, it is up to you what choice you make. If you like, then you can get a consultation with an architect for this. Never compromises the safety of your family and yourself. Calculate the risk factor at your home and do what is required.

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