Renowned Types Of Rice And Their Uses – You Should About Them

Renowned Types Of Rice And Their Uses – You Should About Them

Renowned Types of Rice And Their Uses – You Should About Them

Rice is the leading and largest consumed food in the World. Because of its various qualities such as versatile, substantial, easy to prepare, and delicious. This tasty food is also referred to as a perfect staple in every kitchen. Whether it is included in the main dish, served as a side, or turned into a snack or dessert, rice can do all this while providing comfort and satiety. Rice is consumed by a large amount of the World’s population. 

Types of Rice & Their Uses 

Rice is the broadly spread staple food in the World. More than 40,000 varieties of rice are available, and almost every culture has a national rice dish. Here, we showed ten different kinds of rice, explored their distinctions, and provided the best ways to enjoy them. 

1. Arborio Rice

This type of rice is short-grained and available in white colour. Arborio Rice belongs to the Italian origin and name derived from the Arborio town, Italy. This kind of rice is delicious and has a firm, chewy and creamy texture. Arborio has a high scratch which is the main reason for its creamy and chewy texture. This type of rice is the most popular rice and consumed widely all over the World. 

Profile of Arborio Rice 

  • Colour – White 
  • Flavour – Creamy
  • Texture – Firm 
  • Length – Short grain
  • Use – Risotto, pudding and soup

2. Basmati Rice 

The next one is basmati rice which is widely consumed in India and Asia. The primary origin of this rice is India, more than 70% of the global basmati supply comes from India. The demand for this rice is very high globally because of its exceptional fragrance. Due to the high demand for this rice, countries such as the USA grow their hybrids of basmati rice. 

After the ripening, basmati rice becomes dry, fluffy, and singly. Interestingly, while cooking basmati rice, it expands to twice its original size. Its supple texture enables it to absorb additional flavours, making it the best place for a wide variety of cuisines and recipes. 

Profile of Basmati Rice 

  • Colour – White or brown
  • Flavour – Light nutty
  • Length – Long grain
  • Use – dal, biryani, pilaf, kheer, or with curries and stews. 

3. Jasmine Rice 

The next one is Jasmine which is highly grown in Thailand. It is very tasty and flavorful, which makes your dish more delighted. Jasmine is also known as aromatic rice. Its fragrance is so attractive, which makes it the most popular rice in the World. The moist and soft texture of rice helps it to mix with spices and flavours. For the traditional dishes, this kind of rice is suitable. Jasmine rice is usually steamed or served as a companion to other dishes. It has a special place or role in Thai dishes as it makes Thai dishes more tasty and delightful. 

Profile of Jasmine Rice 

  • Colour – White 
  • Flavour – Sweet 
  • Texture – Sticky
  • Use – stir-fry dishes, traditional dishes, Asian cuisine, and Thai cuisine. 

4. Sushi Rice 

The next type is sushi rice, which is slightly sticky and has a high starch amount. This quality gives it the magical ability to be shaped into balls without falling apart. However, once the rice is cooked, it remains separate. Japan is the origin of sushi rice as it is widely grown in Japan. Additionally, rice is also grown in California, Italy, & Japan. It can easily mix with sugar, salt, and vinegar to make sushi. Sushi is traditionally made with medium-grain white rice, although it can also be prepared with small grain rice or brown rice. 

Profile of Sushi Rice

  • Colour – White 
  • Flavour – Sweet 
  • Length – Short grain
  • Use – Sushi fish, sushi rice cakes, and sushi rice salad. 

5. Wild Rice

The next one is wild rice. Wild rice is also known as modern rice, which originated wild. This type of rice is not rice, it’s a type of grass resembling rice. However, if we talk about its cultivation, then it’s more problematic. It is a rich source of nutrients and has a tough texture. The rice comes with B vitamins, protein, lysine, and a particular type of amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins. 

Profile of Wild Rice 

  • Colour – Black-brown
  • Texture – Tough 
  • Use – Wild rice-chicken soup, herbed wild rice dressing and salads. 

6. Glutinous Rice

The last one is glutinous rice. As per its name, it is glue-like rice. When it is cooked, it becomes sticky. It is popular and widely consumed in Asia. Also, it is used for sweet and savoury foods. 

Profile of Glutinous Rice

  • Length – Medium, long or short
  • Texture – Sticky
  • Use – Mocha, pudding, rice porridge, rice cakes, sweet rice ball desserts, and rice cakes. 

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These are some essential types of rice that are healthy and widely used globally. We hope you liked the blog and for more such topics, stay tuned with us. 

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