Sunflower Farming- Plantation, Procedure And Oil Process

Sunflower!, what is it? Sunflower, the name “Helianthus, ” is derived from ‘Helios’ signifying ‘sun’ and ‘enthuse, meaning ‘bloom’. It called a sunflower as it follows the sun, continually moving in the direction of its primary rays of sun. It is a vital oilseed yield of the country. Sunflower oil is most famous because of its light tone, bland flavor, […]

Why is US farming so successful?

In terms of agricultural production, the United States is far superior to other countries. Agriculture in the United States not only meets the needs of the population for basic foodstuffs and raw materials, with the exception of some crops grown in the tropical zone (such as coffee, cocoa, bananas), but also provides large export surpluses.  In terms of the export […]