6 Quick and Easy Thai Recipes to Enjoy This Season

6 Quick and Easy Thai Recipes to Enjoy This Season

Quick and Easy Thai Recipes to Enjoy This Season

Summer is officially here! And it’s time to enjoy your favorite Thai recipes with your family while sipping your favorite drink. So, in this blog we are going to be talking about the best, quick and easy Thai recipes to enjoy this summer.

Checkout the list below:


1. Thai Fried Rice 

Thai fried rice is one of the primary dishes that are enjoyed all over the globe by Thai food lovers, likely on the grounds that it is so snappy, simple, and flavorful. 

Here’s how to make the OG Thai Fried Rice: start with some extra rice, add an egg (skip this if you are vegetarian or vegan), some flavoring sauces, and a couple of new spices, green herbs of your choice, and you’re done! 

In case you need to make it into a one-pot dinner, basically add a protein source to it (our most loved is crab fried rice, however tofu, chicken, pork, and shrimp are incredible additions as well). 

2. Cushion See Ew 

Cushion See Ew is quite fast and simple to make. When your noodles, gai lan, and preparing sauces are ready, it’s truly simply a question of pan-searing them all together over a decent fire to accomplish this wonderfully smokey, exquisite plate of noodles. 

It is much easier and quicker to make Cushion See Ew than preparing Cushion Thai, which has near 20 unique ingredients and requires a decent measure of prep work.


3. Chinese Chives with Tofu 

Can you believe you can make this delicious Thai recipe with just 4 ingredients!

It is a pan fried recipe of Chinese chives and tofu is probably pretty much as quick and simple as it gets. 

Here are the instructions to make it:

First things first, fry the tofu, then add the chives, and season with soy sauce and white pepper powder. 

Despite the fact that it just requires minutes, the subsequent flavor is shockingly unpredictable and tasty, also satisfying!

4. Singed Tofu with Peanut Sauce 

Seared tofu with nut sauce is another tasty plunging choice. Since the tofu is streak seared in extremely hot oil, it takes no time at all to get ready. 

You can also enjoy this easy Thai recipe at authentic Thai restaurants like Thai Ginger where they generally prepare a homemade peanut sauce that goes with satay for this tofu, you will definitely appreciate this Thai recipe and also the zesty chefs at Thai Ginger!


5. Larb/Beef Waterfall 

Need a quick meat Thai recipe that also tastes heavenly? Try out Larb/ Beef Waterfall.

Both larb and meat cascade require only minutes to be prepared, making them an unsurpassed top pick for any family meal together. 

All you need is beef or pork in your kitchen. Just mince them into an instant serving of mixed greens of larb, however in case you have a steak, it goes on the barbecue to be cut into a tasty hamburger cascade. 

6. Thai Style Fried Eggs 

Thai style fried eggs also known as “Kai Jeow” is maybe the simplest dish to make during summers. In its most essential structure, it is basically an egg beaten along with fish sauce. 

Lastly, you fry it in loads of hot oil. Our present most loved add-in is only a daintily cut green onion. You can add more mind boggling flavors that you like or have on your kitchen shelf!

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