IT Companies – Are They In The Top 10 IT Companies In The World?

IT Companies – Are They In The Top 10 IT Companies In The World?

 Top 10 IT Companies

The IT industry is growing like any other sector and the need for Top 10 IT Companies is soaring. In fact, the Top 10 IT Companies are growing as a complete business model. As one important fact to note here like one thing you have to note that not every custom software developing company is also an IT Company but every IT organization is not an IT organization. Like many other things, you will find this too goes by and we dig deeper into this subject and figure out who is different and what really makes them stand out from all the rest. To be quite frank, it is their focus on innovation and their ability to build a team of experts who can build solutions to meet the challenges and performance expectations of their clients.

One of the largest Top 10 IT Companies in the United States is indeed accenture and in fact they have been around since the early nineties and have established a solid reputation as being able to deliver world-class software and solutions to corporations and businesses around the world. They have many branches in the United States of America and are headquartered in the city of New York. They have recently expanded to include Canada.

It should be noted that accenture is not just an IT company but rather it is a corporation with its own IT infrastructure and a wide array of business applications. The business applications focus of the company is to provide solutions to corporations for the storage and data management needs. This may be for the traditional file server approach which is still very prevalent but also embrace the cloud computing approach to allow access through the internet without requiring any hardware to be stored in-house. They offer both desktop and web-based computing experience and their most recent offerings are based upon the cloud computing platform. One of the top 10 IT companies in the world is in fact named accenture and they are based in New York and have been serving corporations for over eleven years.

They have over two hundred employees and their headquarters is actually a six thousand square foot building that is a single storey building. The IT wing of the company actually is split between seven locations in the United States of America and they are located all throughout the US. Their IT staff has the responsibility of assisting corporations and business applications in the information management aspects. They actually have six different department heads including the corporate vice president for information solutions, who leads the team and oversees all IT division activities. Six of the seven headquarters are located in the United States of America, two are located in New York and one is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The IT headquarters of the world today is actually located in New York and they actually have over two hundred IT professionals and they have branches all over the world such as in Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines and Germany. These branches cater for different types of businesses. For example they have the business application in the North America region that provide customers such as healthcare, financial services, retail companies, software companies and many more. When it comes to the global aspect of IT, they have the IT headquarters in the UK, the Philippines, Canada, Germany and in Australia.

The two major IT franchises in the world today are Hewlett Packard and IBM. Both of these IT giants provide the IT solutions required by the customers that include the hardware, software and other forms of hardware and software. The hardware solutions offered by HP and IBM include Compaq, Celeron, Syrex and more. On the other hand the software companies offer some of the popular names such as Microsoft, Avaya, Sun Microsystems and many others.

IT managers and the IT leadership team usually visit the customers before or after the launching of the product to test the market and to make changes if required. Once the products hit the market and start selling, they conduct customer interviews to learn about the needs of the customer. In the process, they may also find out new markets that the software companies may not have thought of earlier. Top 10 IT companies may also start to outsource IT work to other countries where cheaper labor and quality labor are available. Read more about the Top 10 IT Companies in Durban here.

Some of the IT firms that are in the top 10 IT companies in the world are Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Microsoft. If you want to know about any other IT firm, you can search the internet for the keywords “IT firms” or “Infosys”. You will get plenty of information to read about them. You can also compare the prices and the various deals that are being offered by the various IT firms.

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