How To Plan A Destination Wedding?

How To Plan A Destination Wedding?

Destination Wedding
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An auspicious day, where two hearts are filled with love and hope. 

Your wedding day is one of the important days where it means to be perfect without any hindrance. It is the D-day and the beginning of your new life. Out with big fat weddings, these days couple’s are looking for more exotic kinds of wedding. But when it comes to the destination wedding, one always gets the hassle of finding out how to plan a destination wedding. Having a destination wedding in India is on the ball. Mostly, the wedding takes place on the beachside or a royal wedding. Nowadays, couples are very much keen to style the knot cut above the rest. But when it comes to direct the budgetary strata and other collective planning it may go expensive and lavish, if you are not careful.

There are  some cost-effective wedding tricks and tips which can surely secure your stress and budgeting issues with a minimal ideas:


This is the most important key which usually affects the most while searching. Nowadays, Indian couples have this determination to tie the knot in a happening way to make it memorable and lavish. They usually ignore the unconventional one because it may not gives the stunning look to the environment. But along with these factors one always enquires about the availability of resources and safety guard. Selection of location is not only focused on the budget and area; it also considers your protection.  Make sure you are sure about the place- if any issues related to political or any health concerns in the region – if there are and you remain undeterred, then you surely informed your guests, in order to this, they will be comfortable and get going with their plan.


Hiring a vendor during a big fat occasion really gets going and relaxed. The vendor is the most helpful person in the wedding as they will take up half of the management and work on them. It’s better to first finalize the site and then prep up for the meeting- floral and catering management. Exchange views with vendors are time-consuming because it gives a clear view about the event and gives the proper structure of the event, and it will get going for both parties.

3.  Hire the best planner

This is a very efficient character when we plan a destination wedding, especially. They really carry all the management on themselves and make an event bewitchingly beautiful. Sometimes talking over a phone with the pro is really a communication barrier and it cuts down your communication. In spite of doing this, it’s better to have a virtual session where both the parties can exchange their views and settle down the conversation. Oftentimes,  hiring a pro is a little hectic and expensive, look for a resort where a strong on-site coordinator is available.

4. Consider Guests comfort and lodging

“The guest is equivalent to god”, their comfort is our demand. Book the hotels which offer the utmost discount and provide ultimate sources and accommodations. Try to find the hotels where group discounts are available so it can save their money and they can be surrounded by you.And  make sure the accommodations and sources are comfortable. Before arranging lodging, check out the distance between hotel and venue, it should not be very far, at the end, they got hassle and couldn’t reach the venue on time. It’s better to sort out the hotel discussing with them, as a result, it should be satisfactory for both.

5. Catering Management:

Hygiene has been the most important factor, and now, it is of utmost priority for everyone. Plated menu is such the best  hygiene that everyone prefers and styles it in such a way that it looks trim and scrumptious. Before arranging the catering, it’s better to discuss it with a caterer about the how area has to be covered, what menu should be decided, how much budget is going to take place and other necessary parts of it. Make sure it pleases the guests.

6. Makeup and Costumes:

Now, this is the interesting part of the wedding. Where one will be very much excited to wear on her favorite outfit and wants to look flawless with some makeup and touch up.

It’s better to hire a designer and makeup artist for your wedding to avoid an unnecessary issue. Hiring them is little stress free and more helpful as they will help you out in all the way and make you more flawless.

7. Send invitations early:

This can be done prior to the marriage , later it will save the time for both. And it will give more time to the guests for prep – up, and can sort out the date and time to reach and schedule their work according to the wedding. And can save money for airfare, This is important to ensure that your close ones and loved ones attended the wedding. Thus, a wedding is all about the togetherness of your own ones.

8. Time- Management:

Consideration of time is the first and foremost factor especially when it is a big fat wedding. Dedicate your time to planning- grab your schedule plan and execute it well. Planning your wedding will take 20 times longer, if you deal single handedly,  there is no harm if your family and relatives can also contribute minor work to the occasion because responsibility means splitting of time. It is better to  hire a collective group of artists – planner, vendor, decorator, florist, electrician and figure out the time and work well, prior to the month, as it is getting going with the flow of work.

9. Booking of Conveyance:

This saves the energy of the guest to reach the wedding and make sure they reach on the ceremony day- of. Finding out conveys little hard tasks. It’s better to search online or hire an agency with a minimal budget and discuss it pertinently.

10. Stick to the  budget:

When it comes to the budget, one really gets confused how to deal with this.Keep finances in mind  is a crucial point of spending. Draw out the list of the ceremonies and rituals and  set a detailed budget for the  wedding and its associated expenses, along with a budget for travel and non-local vendors. And it is important to keep in mind, which currency form you are using as it keeps the track of what everything costs.

Above are some of the most useful tips for planning a destination wedding.  

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