How To Use Signboards As An Effective Marketing Strategy?

How To Use Signboards As An Effective Marketing Strategy?

Effective Marketing Strategy

In a world where everything seems to happen more online and inside a computer than out there in the real-life, signage companies had to adapt. But it does not matter how much more virtual the world becomes. There is always a market for sign companies. At Al Rizq, we can help you choose. From car wrapping to vehicle branding and sign makers, we are the leading signboard company in Dubai.

It is proven that a sign raises the visibility of your business by almost 50% and also helps to reach high product and services purchases. But how are these signboards helping out your business?

Marketing local business

It is a great strategy to follow if you want to increase your company’s popularity. Because most signs are specific to a location, they should be designed to intrigue that particular audience. 

As soon as you start having calls coming in, try to track where those leads come from to understand what is working or what is not with your signs and overall advertising. The location of your signboard is crucial. For example, a busy area could mean more retention of your ad than one with fewer pedestrians walking by.

Using signage for emotional impact

Your business or brand’s connection with its clients and audience is what brings back the customers and keeps your company afloat. This method can be applied to any sign. Indoors, outdoors, on vehicles and on skyscrapers.

Emotions can have a huge impact on people, and a vibrant sign will draw these to you. Questionnaires are a great way to get more personal with your customers, know their interests, what they enjoy and don’t like about a business, brand or products a company sells. Then you should apply the knowledge acquired and design something that moves them. That captivates them and drags them back. Email marketing is also a good way to keep your customers informed of the latest deals and products, and at the same time understand where their liking for the brand is.

Carefully Selected Words

Words are like everything else when the topic is sales. Some sell and convey information better than others. Some words increase readership; others make you frown and look away into the next sign or captivating thing. The best thing to do is to think outside the box and do not choose words in your signs that all your competitors are using. Be creative and don’t fear, as creativity might be at times misjudged, does not mean it won’t make your business popular.


Placing your sign in areas where traffic is fluent, like highways or junctions and intersections, might give you the best chance to gather more customers. Especially when traffic jams and long red-light on intersections get you bored, and you look to get entertained by reading the signs around.

Brand Reinforcement

Sometimes quantity is as important as quality. It is the case when it comes to brand reinforcement. Potential customers that pass next to your business every day might not need your product or service straight away. But the minute they do, if you have shown off your brand out there and people are well aware of it, it will be the first thing that will come to their minds, turning them into real customers. Depending on your business, strategy, and industry, it might be a good idea to explore this method.

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Vehicle magnetic signs have been an extremely popular form of signage marketing over the early years of the industry and still is. It is a great way to advertise your company on the move if you want to expand the customer area of your local business. At Al Rizq, we can handle vehicle advertising, branding, car wrapping, stickers and more, all custom made to give a greater experience to our customers. 

Review & Adjust

It is crucial that your signs don’t get stale or boring. This means if you think that your signs are not attracting enough new clients or better options are available, do change it. Take a step down and reevaluate. Track leads and see where your marketing is failing, especially if it is a local business. Here at Al Rizq, because we are one of the best signage companies in Dubai, we care about our customers and their businesses and always try to find the best solutions for you.

Signs can have a great impact on your business. Whether it is local or across the country or even in a totally different continent, here at Al Rizq, we have the solution. Our experts can guide you through the best designs and strategies for your business and advise you on your journey for the best signs and marketing strategies. From vehicle advertising to office signs we are the leading company in Dubai, and expanding rapidly. Visit for more information or expert advice.

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