BA LLB Is Better Than LLB?

BA LLB Is Better Than LLB?

BA LLB Is Better Than LLB

Despite the increasing popularity of professional programs like medical, engineering, and CA more and more young people these days are turning to law, which is a career that does not only provide lucrative opportunities for career advancement but the prestige and potential that is associated with the profession is unparalleled. If you have outstanding communication skills, strong power of argumentation, concrete critical thinking, and superior analytical skills- the legal realm is where to be. Globalization, technology as well as economic liberalization have widened the scope of the law, and it is now the center of everything. This is why studying law is a field that has grown in popularity and gained momentum.

The purpose of law schooling has evolved It was once that this field of study was intended to educate its students, but it is nowadays, it is among the most sought-after careers for those who want to be successful. From being an advocate, to taking on the top position in organizations a law degree can open doors to a variety of lucrative career options and endless opportunities.

If you are considering pursuing the law degree one issue that is a source of confusion for all law students is whether to go with an integrated five-year LLB or go with the 3-year LLB course. This blog will help you understand this issue and provide an unambiguous explanation that will assist students in making an informed choice.

What is 3-year LLB Course in Law (LLB)?

Bachelor of Law (LLB) is an undergraduate program that lasts for three years. If a student has completed graduation in any field with at least 45% marks from any recognized institution can be qualified to apply for LLB admission.

The course is focused on the basics of law as well as the Constitutions and constitutions in India, Labour Law, Family Law, Human Rights & International Law, Administrative Law, and many more. Students are taught for three years courses that are focused on law school.

The purpose of the class is to give an in-depth understanding of the technical and theological aspects of law and the roles it plays in the modern world.

When the course is completed there is the option of further studies, such as Master of Law (LLM).

In addition to a solid theoretical foundation students also receive intensive practical training like courtroom training as colleges set up Moot Courts as well as research proposals, Mock Trial Courts

Opportunities for internships with leading law firms corporations as well as non-profit organizations.

What is 5-years Integrated BA LLB Degree Course?

Integrated Bachelor of Law is an undergraduate degree that spans five years. If you have passed the 10+2 exam in any field with at least 45% marks from any recognized board or university are qualified to apply for Five Year BA LLB course admission.

Because this is an integrative program it encompasses subjects such as History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, etc., and a deep investigation of the legislature and law.

This integrated program aims to educate students about the socio-legal aspects of the law. This course gives students the ability to argue as well as excellent analytical abilities that allow students to appreciate the relationship between society and law.

In comparison to the three-year LLB program, the five-year integrated law program provides a comprehensive experience in the field of legal education. Students have first access to courts for exercises such as moot courts and the submission of research, mock trials, and so on. Additionally, students participate in each semester internships with leading law firms, corporations as well as NGOs.

Once they have completed the course Students can then pursue further studies such as LLM, MBA, Company Secretary, etc.

Major Curriculum of BA LLB:

The Major Curriculums of BA LLB are International Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Labour Laws, Civil law, Tax Laws, Corporate Laws, Criminal law, Patent law, Banking, and Insurance Law,

Major Curriculum of LLB:

The Major Curriculums of LLB are Labour Law, Family Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights & International Law, Environmental Law, Company Law, Legal Writing, Administrative Law, and more.

Difference between BA LLB and LLB:

BA LLB program is geared towards career advancement it’s a full program that covers mock court sessions as well as other activities to make the learning more useful and enjoyable. While LLB courses are focused on the theoretical aspects of law as students are not given much exposure to the practical aspects of the law.

BA LLB covers law subjects as well as arts subjects, whereas LLB only focuses upon the research of legal and related fields.

Because BA LLB is a five-year integrated degree program, when studying the similar aspirants earn a dual degree, while by studying LLB only one-degree program.

The Future scopes in BA LLB are Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Business Houses, Revenue Departments, News Channels as well as Sales Tax and Excise Departments Banks and Judiciary/Courts. The BA LLB Degree holder also gets employment in Colleges & Universities, Courts & Judiciary, Law Firms, MNCs, Bank (Legal Dept.)

Future Scope of choosing Degree in Law (LLB/BA LLB):

Both of these courses open doors to equality of opportunities. Here are some careers that are popular after completion of a law degree.

Advocates are the most sought-after job option for those who have a completion of a law degree. Yes! The influence that comes from the dark coat cannot be overlooked. With lucrative salary advocates enjoy tremendous influence and prestige.

A person can pursue a career as a legal advisor following the completion of a law degree. Legal advisors are a lawyer who offers legal counsel to their clients.

You can take the judicial service exams to be a judge and magistrate. Judges have the most powerful authority in the court and takes decisions after hearing the case before the court. In general, judicial service tests are administered by the various high courts in various states to fill vacant positions.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that lawyers can be part of an Indian Army? Not as a soldier on fields, but rather as a lawyer. Yes, there is a law professional in there is a law professional. Indian Army has a separate legal department referred to by the name of Judge Advocate Legal Branch. The department is legally certified staff who manage every legal issue to the Army.

The corporate world isn’t possible without lawyers. In the corporate sector, there’s always a demand for skilled corporate lawyers who can deal with legal questions. So, once one has having a law degree you could pursue the career of a corporate lawyer.

LLB vs. BA LLB, Which Course is better?

Regarding job opportunities as well as the higher educational level, both of these courses can lead to lucrative careers.

Why GH Raisoni Law College for a degree in Law?

The GH Raisoni College is well-equipped to provide higher education in law such as smart classrooms, a fully-stocked library, and moot court, and internships in the top law college in Nagpur. This is why law school is a rewarding experience.

The College is home to renowned academicians who are all Ph.D. graduates. They emphasize research-based and innovative learning.

Students enjoy a high-quality academic setting to do multi-disciplinary analyses of the social-legal issues to enhance their learning.

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