How To Start Food Delivery Business In India – Full Guide

Food Delivery Business

India is an agricultural country and is known for its unique food items. So there is no downside to starting a food delivery company in India. However, the types of food and the way of eating food are also different in different states of India. Apart from this, the taste of food of some states of India is so good, due to which many places of the state are known for the fame of that food. Over the past several years, the trend of food delivery in India has improved significantly, with a significant increase in requests for Indian food items and international food items.

If we talk about this business called food home delivery, then first started it through telephone delivery. Because giving quick delivery was quite complicated and costly at that time. So that people managed to tie up with restaurants near their houses, and when needed, nearby restaurants were required to deliver food via phone. But today, many companies in India like Zomato, Swiggy and many more are successfully moving ahead by doing food home delivery.

What is Food Delivery Business

Food delivery is a method in which food is received from restaurants, hotels, dhabas and delivered to clients’ homes. In this kind of company, the Organizer has to provide the food ordered by the people from a restaurant, hotel to their houses or to the given location in a stipulated time. Presently this trend is increasing very fast in big cities, and people can request famous food from any restaurant, a hotel sitting at their home.

In today’s time, people can request food from several restaurants, hotels, eatery sitting at home. However, since the variations in the lifestyle of people and the habit of trying different food, people have begun preferring to order food from various hotels, restaurants etc., at their place. In such a condition, starting a food delivery firm can be a successful business for all entrepreneurs.

Growing Demand For Food Delivery Business

The need for food delivery is increasing with the passage of time day by day. Moreover, with the advent of new technology-driven innovations, there has been a tremendous increase in people’s preference for online shopping and home delivery. Now the in the office, the employees prefer to order lunch in the office break time.

How to Start a Food Delivery Business 

A food delivery company can be originated by any entrepreneur, even with significantly fewer resources. Still, the Entrepreneur may require to spend a lot in marketing his business and selecting qualified workers, training etc. Apart from this, efficient drivers and efficient vehicles are needed to deliver the orders. In today’s time, the use of trucks along with small vehicles is also increasing in the food delivery business. Because the truck is capable of carrying more loads, and Tata Intra is best in this operations.

The Entrepreneur also needs an office, laptop, computer, software, vehicles, license, human resources registration and many more. So let us recognize that the Entrepreneur can begin this type of business in a fantastic way.

Choose Business Format

The Organizer can start a food delivery business in two ways. The first is to contact restaurants, hotels and eateries in a particular area. Whatever the company orders online through its website, the company will be responsible for its delivery. In return, the restaurant and hotel will have to pay him for every delivery.

In this method, the business owner is not required to promote their mobile app or website as people place orders over phone calls to hotels and restaurants. But to start this business in a better way, first of all, the Entrepreneur needs to develop his mobile app and website, that too when he is connected with all the restaurants and hotels available in that particular area.

Office For Food Delivery Business

However, in the primary stage, you can start a food delivery company from home. If the entrepreneur has to borrow an office in the local market to run this business successfully and stay in it for a long time. So that along with starting business like hotels, restaurants etc., the business of food delivery can also be started.

Buyers also rely more on an enterprise that has a registered office of its own. In addition, the organizer may also need to acquire a web developer, after increasing traffic to the mobile app and website implemented to start this business,

software engineer. Therefore, they will further show interest in working with the Entrepreneur when the Entrepreneur has a registered office.

Obtain The Necessary Licenses And Registrations

  • The Entrepreneur may require the following license and registration to start an online food delivery business in India.
  • In addition, GST registration will be required.
  • Register your business below Proprietorship or One Person Company.
  • Registration under the Shops and Establishment Act from the local authority FSSAI license may also be required.
  • Domain registration will be required.
  • A payment gateway will be required.
  • Establishing and protecting your brand will require trademark registration.

Create A Mobile App And Website

To begin an online food delivery business, the Entrepreneur has to create a website in the name of his company. To create a website, the Entrepreneur has to first register the domain according to his business name.

The Distribution Network For Food Delivery Business

To start a food delivery business, when the Entrepreneur completes all the above steps, the Entrepreneur needs to set up a distribution network. By distribution system, we mean the people who will serve as an agent for you. You can provide your office address or website for them to associate with you.

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