How To Make A Pinata Cake At Home?

How To Make A Pinata Cake At Home?

Make A Pinata Cake

Cakes are already a fun-filled surprise gift for anyone that’s filled with sweetness.  Then came Pinata cakes that made cakes more exciting and surprising. Pinata cakes are big cakes that are filled with lots of chocolates, sweets that make them impressive. 

Pinata cakes are quite different from the name acres. Let’s say what you get after slicing a cake, a cake with frosting isn’t it. But in the case of pinata cake colorful candies spilled out in piles, that delights your special ones.  

Pinata cakes are delicious cakes that are filled with candy which oozes out after you cut it. 

Piñata cakes are better for the world, where you get a slice of cake along with tasty candies. Of course, kids love them, but they aren’t just for the kids. The view of the candy pouring impresses anyone at the party. 

Step By Step Guide Of Making A Pinata Cake

Pinata cake

Usually, pinata cakes are available in a few flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and more. Today, we are going to make an extra delicious chocolate pinata cake, because who says no to chocolate!

Tools you need

A silicone mold that can fold easily is the main tool for a pinata cake. In case if you don’t have any mould you can go with the stainless steel bowl. But make sure its shape is good so that makes it simple to take out the hard chocolate pinata without breaking or damaging it. A pudding basin is also a good alternative. 

Key ingredients:

For cake:

Egg White – 1

Lemon Juice – 4 Drops

Dark Chocolate – 7 Cups Of

Powdered Sugar – 1 ½ Cups

Vegetable oil 1/4 tsp

To Fill

Ferrero Rochers – 2 Packs


Any chocolate you need 


To make a cake:

  • Firstly Brush the container sides by using vegetable oil. After brushing keep the container in the freezer for  10 – 15 minutes.
  •  Then break the dark chocolate into small pieces and melt it by microwaving it for 90 seconds.
  • Check the chocolate every 30 minutes. If you don’t have an Oven you can also use a double boiler method to melt it completely.
  • Get the mold out of the freezer. Pour the molten chocolate into the bowl.
  • Turn the mold to spread the chocolate evenly. By these rotations, you can create an even layer.
  •  By using a spoon or brush, press the uneven surface. After it’s done place the bowl in the freezer again for a strong 30 minutes.
  • Then take the mold out for checking if the chocolate has perfectly set or not. If it isn’t set,  put it back in the freezer then cool it for some more time.
  • Now take the mold from the freezer and slide it off the chocolate shell slowly. If you got a silicone mold bowl then it can come easily.
  • Now add more melted chocolate to the mold again to make another mold.  And repeat the same process that you did for the first one. 
  •  Meanwhile, beat your egg white by using a food processor and electric mixer till the mixture get a foam. You could even do it manually. 
  • Mix in powdered sugar to this mix and add lemon juice to it.

Assembling a pinata cake:

  • Now take the first mold,  fill your shell with the chocolate, candies, and more. This is the point of time where you do the filling so, fill them up. 
  • On top of it place the second mold. Stick both molds and cover them by using melted chocolate. You can even tie a ribbon on the mold that keeps both molds tightened and make it more beautiful. 
  •  If you made just one mold, keep a plate over the mould shell’s top opening and turn it over carefully. 
  •  Decorate this cake further as you like. Add chocolate syrup,  icing, and more add-on toppings to the cake. 
  • Get a hammer and smash it. 

There you go, you get a delicious cake in your hand and you are made with home flavors. The surprise of baking a cake at home with a more surprising pinata cake before your loved ones smash, can it get better than anything else.

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