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Revamp Your Home With The Latest Renovation Trends

Revamp Your Home With The Latest Renovation Trends

Read on for the most stylish and practical renovation trends that you will fall in love with… 

A home is not an abode where you live; it is a place of comfort and happiness. Renovations can make your home more comfortable and attractive and increase its value. According to surveys, around 90% of people remodel their houses at some point in their lifetime.

Renovations can be classified into – cosmetic, minor, and major. The wide category of superficial changes you like to make within your property, to change its look and feel is commonly regarded as cosmetic changes. The minor changes include recessed light fittings, replacing or changing common infrastructure such as wiring, cabling or power or access points, plumbing, and installing a heat pump, which helps improve the quality of living rather than improving its aesthetic feel. Major renovations include the very structure and framework of a house. It requires a high budget and aims to improve the quality of living and aesthetic appearance.

Before we jump into the latest trends, here’s a pro tip. Consider hiring a storage unit while renovating your home to protect your valuable furniture and goods from dust and damage.

Best home renovation trends 

House remodeling and renovating is an exciting event in anyone’s life but requires a lot of research and thought processes. 

Let us look at some of the best renovation trends that you’ll certainly want to replicate in your home to improve the overall quality of your home.

1. Special Home Office Spaces

The idea of remote working was introduced during the pandemic and has become increasingly popular and necessary in recent years. People’s demand for personalized home office space is increasing, and many home renovators propose this as a part of home remodeling projects. 

You can set aside an entire spare room or allocate a small area in an existing room for this purpose. Ample light and enough power sockets are a must-have for your home office. A functional and attractive home office can be created on a budget.

There are two rules to bear in mind:

  1. Defining your needs and wants 
  2. Spending the bulk of the budget on needs and the rest on wants. 

The four essential things for your home office are 

  1. Office desk 
  2. Chair 
  3. Filing cabinets or storage space
  4. Essential desk accessories such as pen stands or trays 
  5. Multifunction printer 

Everything else that you may be tempted to buy might not be worth investing in for a comfortable small, functional home office design. Effective budget allocation is very important while setting up a home office. 

Bonus tips to reduce the expense 

  1. If you have a limited budget, look at auctions, surplus stores, your local newspaper, or online listings for office desks at a discount. 
  2. A plain rectangular pine kitchen table would also serve the purpose of your office desk if you only need a little storage. Compensate the lack of drawers by placing single or two-drawer filing cabinets under one side.

2. Multi-functional kitchens

Another recent home remodeling trend is replacing the traditional kitchen space with a multifunctional kitchen area. The kitchen is considered the heart of a home, and in the modern era, it serves a wide variety of functions more than preparing and serving food.

A multifunctional kitchen is a breakfast bar in the mornings, a homeschool space during the day, a lounging space in the evening, and a perfect spot for a romantic/family dinner at night. When your kitchen makes a home inside a home, you should organize it for your needs.

3 design tips for a budget-friendly multipurpose kitchen 

  • Create Zones in the Kitchen for Each Purpose
  • Maximize Closed Storage to Hide Clutter Between Uses
  • Use Neutral and Durable Design Elements

A multi-purpose kitchen creates a relaxing and socializing environment. 

4 elements of a multi-functional kitchen are 

  • Kitchen island
  • Open shelving for easy access
  • Lots of storage
  • Multi-purpose appliances

3. Spa-Like Bathrooms

A spa makes you feel relaxed, pampered, and rejuvenated. A spa-like bathroom re-creates that soothing atmosphere at home in your bathroom.

It is considered a real savior that allows you to melt away stress and relax in peace. 

12 simple steps to create a budget-friendly spa-like bathroom. 

  1. Incorporate natural decor.
  2. Declutter your bathroom.
  3. Stock plush bath towels.
  4. Install a new showerhead.
  5. Use color to create calm.
  6. Upgrade your toiletries
  7. Incorporate a lot of bathroom storage.
  8. Create soft places to step. Soften floors with rugs.
  9. Brighten your bathroom with reflective surfaces.
  10. Incorporate calming scents into a peaceful mental space
  11. Put a water-resistant bench in your walk-in shower.
  12. A full-sized bathtub to give your bathroom a better ambiance, dedicated spaces for holding candles and incense, delicate hidden lighting, dimmable light, and aromatic oil diffusers will be a few add-ons for a luxurious feel.

4. Additional Storage Areas

A clutter-free and well-organized home, with ample storage to hide the bits and pieces, is everyone’s dream. Rather than repeatedly decluttering the home, keep a place for everything where it belongs and ensure your belongings are under control. Renovation is the perfect opportunity to meet your storage needs. 

For example, consider having a storage drawer under each stair in your home or create functional cabinets above doors or under your existing furniture. 

5. Plywood Interiors

Plywood is a significantly more eco-friendly and economical option to replace wood without losing its classy touch. Plywood Interiors are used in modern home decor and renovation to make an entire home look different. It adds a good wooden texture to the ceiling and adds that beautiful seasoned wood look while being very durable. It provides an unmatched decorative appeal to the interior while staying within your budget.  

7 ways that you can get creative with plywood  

  1. Folding dressing area
  2. Minimalistic multi-stack bookcase
  3. Stylish coffee table
  4. Handy plant shelves
  5. Kid’s chair
  6. Wooden nightstand
  7. Wooden bed frame

6. Fancy Windows and Curtains

Opt for curtain styles that add positivity and enhance the look of your spaces. Here are 6 trends to watch out for:

1) Minimalism

The minimalist trend in curtains is based on 3 core principles;

  • Simplicity: simple pared-back fabric designs
  • Functionality: curtains that are functional without added swoops and swirls of extra fabric
  • Neutrality: Neutral colors, such as grey, beige, or classic white. 

2) Nature-Inspired

Use natural fabrics such as linen or cotton featuring textured and open weaves.

3) Culture explorer

Include design elements from different cultures in your curtain window dressings.

4) Dreamy

Fairy-tale interiors and the look of Provence

7) Green Home Building 

The concept of green home building pertains to the effective use of environmental resources, such as power and water, and minimizing pollution. Solar panels, sustainable materials, energy efficiency, eclectic designs, water conservation, and EV charging points are a few ideas if you’re considering creating a more environment friendly home.

8) Back to Earth

Earthy and neutral tones bring warmth and comfort to the house and are used in wall colors, home décor, tiling and cabinetry, and in design accents. Home renovators are replacing the cool tones which ruled for several years with earthy and neutral tones. Think browns, rust, whites, creams, deep orange, and greens to get the desired effect. 

Bonus tips for an efficient Home renovation 

  1. Setting a firm budget will help you fall from the debt trap. 
  2. Shop around for the supplies and materials you will need ahead of time to get the best deals.
  3. DIY accessories can help you stay within a limited budget
  4. Use a  storage facility to keep your belongings away from dirt, dust & damage and secure your valuable items.

It’s a wrap! We hope that you found this article useful. Rather than being merely aesthetic, these trends are practical and efficient. Comment your favourite trend below.

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