Foods That You Shouldn’t Give To Your Cat

Foods That You Shouldn’t Give To Your Cat

Foods That You Shouldn't Give To Your Cat

Animals are the purest souls on earth, especially cats. They are always human’s best friends. We know as pet parents, our little kid cat always wants to eat everything, especially what we are eating. We need to keep in mind that certain foods are not suitable for your cat’s health. Quality cat food is essential for the development of the cat; there are so many local cat food options available in the market. A local. Cat food is highly toxic to your cat’s health; always buy high quality cat food from a reliable store like Vet Supply. This store is like a platform to fulfil all your cat needs, either cat food or any cat treatment like deworming. You can also use their discount code, Vet Supply discount code, to save some money.

1. Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are extremely harmful to your cat’s health as they damage your cat’s red cells. Avoid giving them as these food items can even cause hemolytic anemia in cats. Garlic and onions, either in raw form or powder form, will cause health problems like abdominal pain or nausea. Please don’t give them either in small quantities.

2. Grapes and Raisins

Never give your cats grapes and raisins, as these fruits are extremely toxic to cats; they can even cause kidney failure. Avoid giving them even in small quantities as they cause health problems like vomiting and make them lethargic. If you have given grapes or raisins by mistake, call your vet immediately.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate is extremely harmful to your cat’s health as it has theobromine and caffeine, which is so toxic to your cat’s health. Chocolate can cause diarrhea and rapid breathing health problems in cats. It can even make your cat dull. Avoid giving cat chocolate, incredibly dark chocolate, as it causes high levels of theobromine content which causes severe vomiting. Call your vet immediately if you see such a condition in your cat.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is extremely harmful to anyone, especially cats, as it can cause serious health problems like vomiting, diarrhea even coma in cats. Alcohol consumption can cause alcohol poisoning in cats even if you give them in small quantities. Avoid providing alcoholic beverages to cats; most important, keep alcohol out of reach of cats. 

5. Dairy Products

Dairy products are harmful to cats as many cats are lactose intolerant, which means they can’t digest anything with lactose, like milk. Dairy products will cause diarrhea and vomiting in cats. Feeding dairy products to cats will cause loose motion and gastrointestinal problems in cats. You can give little yogurt to cats or even small pieces of cheese, but not too much, as it has salt in it.

6. Avoid Raw Eggs, Meat and Bones

You should avoid giving your cats raw eggs, meat and bones as they contain salmonella, which causes poisoning in cats. Salmonella can cause severe problems like vomiting and diarrhea. You should also avoid giving cats raw eggs as it includes an enzyme that can cause skin and coat problems in cats. You need to ensure that you do not give them bones as it can chocking them and damage their digestive tract.

7. Liver

Avoid giving excessive amounts of liver to your cat, no matter how much she demands, as it is filled with Vitamin A. Vitamin A consumption can cause vitamin A toxicity in cats which can cause skeletal issues and muscle aches. You should also avoid giving supplements like cod liver oil as it can trigger such conditions.

8. Raw Dough

You should avoid giving dough to cats as it contains yeast which can cause health problems as it produces carbon dioxide in cats. The dough can expand within the cat’s stomach and cause digestive obstruction, sometimes requiring surgery to clean. Make sure to keep raw dough away from your cat’s reach.

9. Avoid Oranges and Plums

You should avoid giving oranges and plums to cats as the oranges’ seeds and leaves contain poisonous oils. You should avoid giving them citrus fruits like lemons, which may upset your cat’s stomach. Plums are also toxic to your cats as their leaves and stems contain cyanide which is also harmful.

10. Caffeinated Beverages

You should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as soda or coffee, as caffeine can cause hyperactivity or tremors. Avoid giving them such caffeinated drinks, especially tea bags, as it contains a lot of caffeine which creates a problem when cats digest them.


Our dearest cats are our best friends; we must have a balanced diet and avoid food items. Some food items, such as grapes, chocolate, and oranges, are harmful to your cat’s health. Avoid giving your cat caffeinated beverages as they make your cat lethargic and cause hyperactivity. Keep alcohol away from the reach of cats as it may cause alcohol poisoning in cats. Never give your cat garlic and onions in any form, either raw or powdered, as they cause severe health problems like nausea and vomiting in cats.

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