Huion Pen Stopped Working ? Find 5 Solutions to Fix It

Huion Pen Stopped Working ? Find 5 Solutions to Fix It

Huion pen
Huion pen

Are You using a Huion pen tablet?

How’s your experience with this product?

Huion is one of the best reliable, affordable and advanced graphic pen tablet manufacturer brands. The user interface design is so simple, easily manageable, trendy. The display is quite impressive in the latest launched models. Kamvas 22 Plus, Kamvas pro 16 etc.

The battery-free stylus makes the work easy for everyone. But sometimes it also creates a problem and stops working. The problem may be caused by several reasons. Many Windows PC users have mentioned this thing on Huion support panels and forums. 

Do you know the reason why your Huion pen is not working? If you don’t know no worries as it is one of the basic problems and it can be solved by a few to-do actions. To eliminate any Huion pen problem you can take help from here:

1. Restart PC

Many basic problems are eliminated by shutting down the PC. Now, please restart this PC. This method will work for you and you can continue to draw and complete the projects on time.

2. Turn off sleep mode

It may happen to anyone. We customize the shortcut keys on the screen for quick access to some functionality. 

If the sleep mode is active on your PC, the pen will not perform any action of drawing. While the sleep mode is active and you are about to start drawing please first change the status of the PC, wait for a while to get it on normal mode, and then start working on it. If you don’t know how to disable sleep mode on PC please follow the direction:

We need to access the main settings using the shortcut key Win+I.

Move to system settings.

On the left side, you will see Power and sleep, move to the right side, to make changes to additional power settings > Related Setting > power options control panel > change plan setting.

Here you will see the ‘put the computer to sleep’ option set on ‘Never.’

Hit on save changes.

Perform Reboot action. Confirm if the problem still stays or is solved.

3. Tablet Driver update

The driver is responsible for the functionality and working mechanism of the tablet. These drivers updated with time. Check the version of the drivers installed on your tablet. Is it an older version? If the driver is of the latest version and still the problem occurs then it may be because the driver got corrupted. Download the latest driver for the windows system from the official site of Huion. 

4. Support Tablet Pc

If the tablet is facing compatibility issues a new feature is rolled on by the Huion tablet manufacturer brand. If the stylus of your Huion pen tablet throws any error, this support tablet PC feature can help you to get back on the ground.

First, connect the tablet with the computer. Then move the cursor to the bottom right corner, click the right button of the mouse or TouchPad, a menu will appear and move to the Support Tablet PC option.

Confirm and save the current setting. Now you need to reboot the PC, check if the compatibility issue has been eliminated or not.

It will work and resolve the pending issue.

5. Windows Ink Functionality 

Windows 10 offers so many advanced features and functionality to ease the life and user experience. It is also one of those advanced features that will help you to access the functionality of third-party pen connectivity accessibility. It must be configured.

To eliminate the Huion pen functionality issues, check Windows Ink status whether it is disabled or not. Access the Huion driver interface and move to the left side stylus pen. Turn off the enabled windows ink. Tap on Apply then OK so the functionality can update with the current changes. 

It is the last way in the series of to-do methods to solve the problem of Huion pen working. If the above 4 ways do not work this will surely work and establish the connection.

After navigating and moving over all the 5 solutions the Huion Graphic pen tablet issues will get resolved. We hope your pen starts working again. If the problem persists and no method work you may visit the official website of the Huion pen tablet or visit the support tab of the Huion India Graphic Pen tablet. 

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