Do These 8 Things To Be A Successful Staffing Firm

Do These 8 Things To Be A Successful Staffing Firm

Successful Staffing Firm

The strength of any organization is its workforce. Only the right workforce can help any business to grow. A staffing agency plays a crucial role by efficiently sourcing manpower to client businesses and helping them meet various business goals. Successful staffing firms are those that are able to surpass client’s expectations by meeting all requirements.

Apart from recruiting the right person for the right job, a thriving staff agency performs a lot more which includes easing HR’s burden, providing guidance to improve the hiring processes, arranging skill tests, and maintaining a talent pipeline. Competent staffing firms enable their clients to optimize the hiring cycle and outcomes.

As the demand for staffing services increases, so does the competition in the recruitment industry. There are hundreds of recruitment startups emerging each year. To keep pace with the competition and be a successful staffing firm or staff agency, Click here are some valuable tips drawn from experience and success stories.

1. Make Your Recruiting Process Smart and Efficient

With the use of the right updated technologies, streamline the recruitment process of your staff agency. Do you have an efficient applicant tracking system? If not, then take time out to identify and invest in the right applicant tracking systems or ATS applications. A tech-enabled ATS allows you to track the applicants over the course of the entire process and automate some part of the communications as well.  

Another key aspect is how you go about the job description and candidate search and selection. Make these specific and attractive. A job description that includes unnecessary information often leads to your having hundreds of applicants who are not the right choice for the organization, and you lose out on attracting those who are the best fit for the role.  

Candidates with niche skills or specialized expertise are always at the radar of organizations; hence maintain contacts with such candidates and win their trust. Do not ignore the strengths of social listening in recruiting strategy, and find out how you can enhance your social media presence and recruiting strengths.

2. Keep Client and Candidate Communication Up-to-Date

Once you have established the relationship with your client, keep it positive at every touchpoint of the journey. Following the basics, including answering phones politely, prompt email replies and callbacks as and when required, follow up, etc., are fundamentals to be taken care of in the best manner.

Update candidates with the results and recruiting positions on time. Providing honest feedback to candidates is one of the best services a staffing firm can avail, which improves a candidate’s trust in the firm.

You need to invest in the right approach to maintain communication with different stakeholders at the client end. Clients will definitely dislike it if their executives or HR personnel have to painstakingly follow up with you about each and every vacancy.

It is equally important to maintain a healthy business relationship with your clients. Do you invest in retaining your accounts? Think of the best practices you could maintain in relation to each priority account or client.

3. Become Mobile Friendly

Mobile optimization is strongly influencing the success metrics of staffing firms. To maximize the talent pool, you need to enhance your website’s compatibility with mobile devices.

Also, take time out to understand how the differences could affect you. A mobile-friendly website is one that accurately displays between a desktop or laptop computer and a mobile device, but it may not display perfectly on a touchscreen tablet. If your staff agency has a mobile-optimized site, it will reformat itself for perfect display for a list of handheld or tablet devices.

If the job seekers and clients are from industry segments where a significant percentage of users prefer to search, apply, and get responses through mobiles, not having a mobile-optimized website could affect your success metrics.

There are also many other features to be incorporated into your mobile-optimized websites. These include simple navigation with drop-down menus, click to apply, multi-language support, GPS capabilities, navigation that fits the built-for-touch requirements, etc.

4. Identify Your Client Company Based on Your Expertise

You would need a strategic business development plan that categorizes your potential and existing clients based on detailed analysis and data analytics. Ask yourself questions like in which areas you have the most expertise and resources and how much revenue you are generating from those market segments. Which market segments are your business drivers, and how much effort are you making in optimizing outcomes from these segments.

Based on the right questions you ask, and the evidence-based reports you get through data analysis, revamp your marketing strategy and account management approach.

The website of your staff agency, its marketing campaigns, and all sales conversations should strongly transmit your key capabilities to the chosen target groups. Many staffing firms follow the reverse track and are unable to play to their strengths. Market well your key expertise areas and your strengths in building them through metrics and facts that attract your target audience.

5. Showcase Your Success Stories

Are you a staff agency that has managed large-scale manpower sourcing projects, or are you more focused on small businesses? What are your success stories, and how are they communicated to your target audience?

There are so many ways in which you can display your success stories – strong case studies, a few video testimonials, referrals and references, and related fact sheets, reviews and testimonials, etc. Not only client companies but your talent pool should be included in such campaigns. Use your social media platform and websites to showcase your achievements.

Success stories embellish a positive image and help you to highly impress your clients – active, inactive, and potential. You could leverage your success stories in visual forms across your social media resources too. Keep in mind that a strong story will help develop and define your firm’s value across social media.

6. Respond on Social Media

Social media is changing the way of providing feedback by allowing users to comment, post experiences, and share views and posts in real-time. Your candidates and clients connect with you through these social media channels, ask you questions on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Staffing firms need to invest in training a team to effectively respond to these queries, comments, and feedback. You need to respond to each and every question or comment addressed to you on social media in a timely manner to avoid creating a negative image.

Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, your response shows that you care and want to continue your business in the future. Keep track of all feedback and use it for praise, recognition, and improvement.  

7. Understand the Needs of Your Candidates and Clients

Staffing firms should be trusted by both job seekers and employers. It is a prime requirement to understand their changing needs. Invest in market research, attend webinars and online workshops, etc., to understand the key pain points faced by employers and job seekers from different industries. Keep yourself updated with news and trends of the client industry, which can help you keep pace with the changing industry requirements.  

You could also request your clients to fill out a questionnaire that provides your agency with greater insight into their unique problems and the specific solutions they need.

8. Adopt Virtual Recruitment Process

Virtual and online recruitment strategies, techniques, systems, and tools are the most needed for staffing firms to keep pace with the market and create their niche. It is also becoming crucial to retain business with companies across many sectors.

Do thorough research of your clients, competitors, and the related virtual recruitment processes you need to adopt before investing in virtual recruitment technology. There are numerous tools, apps, and platforms available to enrich your virtual hiring processes. Find out what suits your clients and recruitment processes the best through mock trials.


Job seekers and employers are always looking for staffing firms that respond to their changing needs. If you are a staff agency that is struggling to maintain or expand its market presence, the takeaways from this article could be of great help. Take incremental steps to improve your recruitment strengths.

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