How AR Remote Assistance Benefits Enterprises and Ensures Growth

How AR Remote Assistance Benefits Enterprises and Ensures Growth

 AR Remote Assistance

AR Remote Assistance can provide you with real-time collaboration with on-field personnel by reducing travel costs and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. By 2025, according to Statista, the global Augmented Reality market is expected to grow drastically to more than $198 million. It is showing promise of a high degree of competitive advantage for companies that have already adopted AR tech into their businesses. A wide range of industries that require maintenance and repair out of the field are benefitted from remote assistance technology. For any organization looking to learn more about AR remote assistance solutions but are unsure of available options or how to engage, the following is everything you need to know to help you get started as in this article, we will discuss the benefits of AR Remote Assistance, its current scope, and existing solutions for deployment.

What is Remote Assistance?

By combining live video streaming, and AR capabilities like digital information superimposed on the user’s view of physical environment imagery, AR remote assistance connects experts with field personnel for real-time communication, inspection, instruction, and sharing of media. Here, you will understand how tasks are completed using real-time collaboration through AR remote assistance sessions and how a remote assistance call typically looks like. When assistance is required in the field, the technician can contact the remote expert using either a phone, tablet, or smart glasses with a front-facing camera.

An expert is connected to a remote device connected to the internet with remote assistance application. He/she can answer the call from field personnel and see exactly what the person is seeing on-site in real-time. After the assessment is performed, the remote expert can send files such as images, videos, PDFs, or make and send annotations on the shared screen itself. Once the on-field personnel receives the feedback needed, he or she can continue working or end the call to finish the given task. Like this, AR remote assistance can be used across industries like A/V, appliance, HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration), restaurant, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and many more. Basically, any organization with a field service team can deploy AR remote assistance for any of the following applications:

1. Remote Repair and Support

Remote experts can provide audio or text instructions, PDF manuals, or tutorial video links to help complete repairs.

2. Real-time Inspections

Remote inspectors can see what the on-field team sees before signing off on equipment installations, quality control audits, approving repairs completed, or suggesting corrective action.

3. Improved Bids and Quotes 

Bid teams can remotely walk through a jobsite with local account teams before issuing a quote.

4. Progress Review and Post-Installation Inspections

For enabling on-site personnel to take notes or make real-time corrections during a progress review or post-installation inspection, AR remote assistance comes in handy.

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Why is it beneficial?

Imagine your field technician is sent to a federal office to repair a printer on-site. It’s a Monday afternoon and there is a line of employees waiting to print their documents. Your technician realizes that he is not familiar with this printer model and it is critical to get help on the spot. With AR remote assistance, your technician can collaborate with a specialist allowing for a fast solution without the need for a re-visit. Similarly, imagine if a machine suddenly stops working in a factory, the production line comes to a complete halt. This can cause a significant amount of loss in terms of time and money if not quickly resolved. With AR remote assistance, service companies can better support their customers right when it’s needed. Several benefits are states below:

1. Increase Productivity

Expert resources can be limited in niche industries. With AR remote assistance, experts can be utilized to provide help in the field without the need for costly and time-consuming travel. Also, as experts age, for them traveling from place to place can be very challenging. With remote assistance, you can virtually bring the jobsite to them.

2. Reduce Costs

Allowing companies to save money in more ways than one, AR remote assistance helps businesses reduce re-work and travel costs while increasing customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time.

How to Deploy It?

Remote assistance solutions were limited to a desktop computer. However, a lot has changed in the way we communicate. This has led to the rise of AR remote assistance solutions which have taken this tech progression to mobile and wearable devices. In the current AR remote assistance landscape, there are 2 types of solutions available for deployment:

1. Hand-held

The most commonly available AR remote assistance solutions come in phones or tablets paired with AR remote assistance apps. Makeshift use of remote assistance includes the use of Skype or FaceTime, however, they can be awkward and clunky as they do not offer a true “see-what-I-see” point of view. For instance, the front-facing camera may not align with the field personnel’s eyes causing the expert to provide inaccurate information.

2. Hands-free

Offering a true “see-what-I-see” point of view, hands-free solutions such as AR smart glasses allow technicians to still have situational awareness and have their hands free to make repairs while collaborating in real-time. AR smart glasses’ wearable display can be virtually transparent when necessary and allows field personnel to view instructions and media received by experts in high quality right in the field of view.


Forward-thinking companies that are looking for ways to deploy AR remote assistance into their businesses are already on the right path for making their future brighter than ever. Customized remote assistance solutions curated just for your company are available. Power your people with Augmented Reality Remote Assistance and notice the difference in productivity, time consumption, and company expenditures yourself.