Are Prebiotics And Probiotics In Organic Formulas Beneficial?

Are Prebiotics And Probiotics In Organic Formulas Beneficial?

Prebiotics And Probiotics

Prebiotics And Probiotics-Parents, when it comes to feeding their baby with milk formula, ‘added’ is the last thing anyone wants to associate their child’s feeding routine with. Synthetic additives can lead to amending food products. In the case of pre-and probiotics, addition is a good thing. When it comes to milk formula, you expect carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and all the other nutritional components in organic baby formula to make sure that your baby’s health remains in a good condition.  On the other hand, you also want your formula to remain free from artificial additives and pesticides.

But, have you ever bothered about the effects of prebiotics and probiotics?

The prebiotics and probiotics are actually beneficial to your little one’s body. They both function together and save the good bacteria named microbiome, which later on builds and maintains a colony of good bacteria and aids digestion. So, whether you choose a HiPP formula or Holle formula make sure that these two components are present in it. This article explains their importance.

What are prebiotics and probiotics?


The ingredients that boost the growth of probiotics in the intestinal tract and are also considered as non-digestible ingredients. Prebiotics in infant milk is available in the form of oligosaccharides with the purpose of stimulating the growth of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.


Probiotics are beneficial for health as they help in digesting the food through the gut very easily.

  • It is a live bacteria and yeast found in some food and supplements.
  • Probiotics are beneficial in other different ways too which include diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, irregular bowel movements, colic, and eczema.
  •  Probiotics are also helpful in treating necrotizing enterocolotis- a disease that can damage the intestines of the infant.

Hence, probiotics have an end number of benefits.

What is Microbiome? 

As you have read a little bit about this in the above section, find more about it in detail. Good bacteria reside in the gut, and regulate the weight, metabolism and healthy digestion alongside building immunity and fighting against dieases. An infant has a small amount of bacteria and increases as the feeding of the baby is regulated.

This highly depends upon the child’s birth method and the type of milk, and the way of being fed: Breastfed or Bottlefed.

  • Well, Breast Milk is completely natural and contains a higher amount of prebiotics and probiotics, but organic formulas are no less.
  • These formulas are equally nutritious and healthy to that of breast milk and ensure that your baby remains full and satisfied with the taste.
  • To get your confusion cleared, go on and find out the importance of these components in milk formula

Importance of prebiotics and probiotics

Probiotics are an important component for infants. It prevents body problems like constipation and gas and digestion issues. The prebiotics do the same, but they produce food for the probiotics bacteria. An infant’s health is important and prebiotics and probiotics help defend against diseases that strengthen the immune system. If a mother is unable to latch or breastfeed the baby, then the Europen milk formula is the solution to your problem. It will not only enhance the healthy living of your infant, but it will also ease your daily routine.  

The role of prebiotics and probiotics in milk formula   

  • Most of the milk formula brand manufacturers add prebiotics and probiotics to their products because they understand; the value of the microbiome is overrated.
  • These components are harmless and do not cause problems in the baby’s digestive and immune system.
  • The most popular prebiotic is lactose that comes naturally in breast milk.
  • In order to not let the nutritional value of milk formula down, lactose is added to the milk formulas as well. It has numerous benefits.

This is how prebiotics and probiotics benefit equally when mixed with the Europen baby formulas. These components are the hidden benefits of a milk formula that your infant will get to experience when you buy one.

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