All You Need To Know About Weight Loss Surgery in India

All You Need To Know About Weight Loss Surgery in India

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a common term that you might have heard frequently in everyday life. One of the easiest ways to define it is an unhealthy and abnormal accumulation of fats in your body. This poses a serious health risk by increasing your chances of getting different conditions and diseases. Obesity is determined by calculating body mass index. The ones with a BMI of thirty or more come under the category of obese. 

In such serious cases of obesity, dieting and exercise are not enough to lose weight. Weight loss surgery in India offers a safe and viable way to lose weight for such individuals. 

Causes of increasing obesity in the country 

If you only consider our country, childhood obesity has turned into an epidemic that has over 14.4 million cases. In fact, following Mexico, India ranks second in childhood obesity. So, what is the cause behind the rising cases of obesity in the country? 

It’s important to keep in mind that obesity might be a result of several factors that might be behavioral, genetic, hormonal, or metabolic. Unhealthy eating practices and lifestyles are regarded as the chief factors causing obesity. After all, eating out often and eating a burger on the way to work or college have turned into a part of your daily routine. 

Addiction to fast food has become more common than ever, making doctors worry more about their patients’ health. Most patients who come with serious gastrointestinal issues are obese and suffer from an addiction to fast food. Furthermore, most of these individuals are below forty-five years of age. 

How bariatric surgery works in India 

Weight loss surgeries are done in a few ways. Some surgeries do not let the stomach stretch to its full size. Usually, the stomach holds about six cups of food. After the surgery, it can hold only about a cup. Thus, you feel full with less food, and you start losing weight faster. 

Some of the surgeries also tend to bypass a part of the intestine to make the patient lose weight by absorbing fewer calories. 

At present, most weight-loss surgeries rely on using small cuts called ‘laparoscopy’, rather than one big cut. The surgeons make about six to seven of these small cuts in the patient’s belly. A camera and a few tiny tools are inserted through these holes, while the surgeons watch on a video screen to complete the procedure. 

In some cases, small incisions are not enough, and the surgeons need to make one big cut across the middle of the patient’s belly. 

Why opt for weight loss surgery in India? 

No doubt following a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you in losing weight, though it might take a year or more. However, it may not be useful for every individual.  

As such, bariatric or weight loss surgery is a good way to lose weight with instantaneous results. However, this does not mean that you will see a major change instantly after your surgery. You will start seeing the changes within a couple of months after the surgery. 

The eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery 

Bariatric surgery isn’t an option that will suit everyone because there are several eligibility criteria to be fulfilled. It is a viable option for the ones who have: 

  • Body mass index of 40 or more. 
  • Body mass index of 35 or more, and they are facing serious weight-related health problems 
  • Not being able to lose their weight after consistent efforts. 

Benefits of weight loss surgery 

The popularity of weight loss surgery stems from its multiple benefits. Some of the most important benefits associated with this surgery include: 

  • Long-term remission of type-2 diabetes, which makes it possible for the patients to go insulin-free for a minimum of three years after surgery.  
  • Better heart health by reducing cholesterol and fat levels. 
  • Regulation of healthy hormone levels to help with depression. 
  • Relieving additional pressure from the patients’ joints to improve their joint health. 

What to discuss with your surgeons regarding the surgery? 

One of the first things that you need to ask your doctor is about the results that you can expect. Let him/her tell you how much weight you can lose and the steps you need to take to keep up the results. Also, ask your doctor about the possible complications from the weight loss surgery. 

Though major complications are extremely rare in weight loss procedures, it is important to remember that it’s surgery at the end of the day. So, there is always a chance of minor complications. Your doctor will inform you about the results and the possible complications of the surgery. In general, it is a common procedure carried out around the world, and so, it is effective and safe.

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