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7 Reasons To Choose Transom Windows for Your New Home

7 Reasons To Choose Transom Windows for Your New Home

Transom Windows for Your New Home

Transom windows have a lot of patterns and designs nowadays that vary greatly from architect to architect. They were used more for practical and utility reasons than what it is utilized for today. Truthfully, in the modern times, they are usually for aesthetics; nevertheless, they can still be very useful without a doubt. In this piece, you will discover the advantages of getting transom windows for your new home.

But before we talk about usefulness, let’s talk about definition first. So, what is a Transom window? Well, it’s pretty simple, really. They are basically windows in or surrounding doors. They are typically placed underneath or above a door or another window. 

These windows were formerly just some holes in the wall surrounding the door covered with some primitive materials that are opened and closed for air to come in, but with the development of newer materials such as better glass, better metallurgy and carbon content, and many more, they have evolved and peaked its style and practicality.

Now that we’ve defined transom windows, let’s answer why we would want and need them in our house. So here are 7 reasons you should check out.



Aside from the common practicality reasons, transom windows are just, in general, really pleasing to the eyes. They can be found in many shapes and sizes, heavily etched and designed or plain and simple. They are great for stylizing boring entryways, whether it be interior or exterior. The elegance and artistic creativity of transom windows are striking for sure.



Like many windows, transoms can be fixed or it can be operable or is turnable. Although transom windows are often depicted to be solid unmoving pieces of glass on the sides of windows, they can also be done in opening styles. Transom windows that can be toggled close and open are highly serviceable. The fixed ones are unique for their own purposes too. You can ask suggestions from your new home builders for wider options on what suits your soon-to-be abode.



Do you want greater ventilation in your house but do not want your main door windows to be opened? Well then, say hello to the fab of operable transom windows, which can be opened and closed as you please, of course with the right hinges installed. They provide the benefit of added ventilation so air can circulate more. Such improved ventilation can remove stagnant air from your house, thus increasing comfort, coolness and warmth as needed.



Like what was mentioned earlier, these windows come on in quite a variety, which you can choose from. Here are some of them:

Fanned: I’m sure you’ve seen this type of transom window before, probably in the form of stained glass installed above church doorways. They are half-circle windows that arched, which are fixed at the base. They are usually made with lots of decorations, along with it being practical.

Paneled Glass: They are, as the name suggests, paneled, meaning they are placed in frames that create patterns of symmetry like a grid of boxes. They are very simple yet beautiful and elegant. There’s just something about their minimalist design that makes them posh! They are attached to the bottom or the sides of a frame. These transoms are usually divided by vertical metal or wooden strips, but, if it’s too large, these paneled transoms are fixed into horizontal planks of wood.

Solid :This type is usually just one slab of glass inserted in a frame that is in contrast to multi-paneled transoms. Solid windows can be fixed in place or have hinges on them. These windows usually feature heavily etched designs of repetitive patterns like snowflakes or flowers for added aesthetic appeal.



Just like any good ol’ window, one of the main purposes of transom windows is to give natural light to your house. C’mon, this was a given. 

But the thing is that your normal main windows would probably have shutters, blinds, or curtains for safety, thus, can’t be kept open at all times. That’s where these transom windows’ distinctness come into play. Since these installations are placed above or below, which is something usually out of your and other people’s normal line of sight, you will be able to get natural light plus uninterrupted privacy in your doorways. Boom, problem solved.

Transom windows are an old but a gold feature, were and still are used for giving additional sunlight and general openness to one’s house.



Energy consumption is reduced as transom windows allow natural light to come in, thus, they are environment-friendly and pocket-friendly. You do not need to turn on the lights at home during the daytime, when the sun is shining bright. If you want natural light to be present near your entrance, this is the window to get. Transom windows subtly help you save more money from paying high electric bills. 



Transom windows allow passage of air and light between rooms even when doors are shut. If you have two rooms that you want to keep separate, but you also have a single air conditioning unit on that floor, then transom windows are a budget-wise choice! Those rooms can share the same cozy air without paying too much. Of course, you have to suit the air conditioning unit’s horsepower to reap those benefits.



These 7 reasons will surely be handy and helpful in your decisions of whether you should consider letting your new home builders install transom windows for your dream house. From fashion to functionality, they do not disappoint!


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