5 Types of SMS Discounts Types That Easily Drive Up Your Sales

5 Types of SMS Discounts Types That Easily Drive Up Your Sales

Types of SMS Discounts Types

Discounts are the best marketing technique and an effective way for steering sales and traffic that enhance your business in the market. 

Discounts have been around us for many years, and the popularity isn’t going to reduce anytime soon, even with the array of new marketing trends. From Gen z, Gen X, and millennials to baby boomers, everyone loves discounts. The delight of recouping money for something they like always takes the front row in the marketing. Want to know about the best discounts methods. Discounts can attract eyes wherever we hold them, but a quick and powerful marketing channel such as SMS can make it more popular and effective within people in affordable ways. So let’s know more about the discounts. 

How can these SMS discounts work? 

Whatever retailer and promotional scheme that business picks, special discounts provide the best means of enhancing the sales for the retailers. A business spends crucial amounts to engage in their promotional campaigns for attracting people to their physical or online store. These are even utilized like an opt-in discount while building the mobile database or attracting new or engaging consumers. Here are the popular discounts types that can be used in the SMS campaign are: 

  • Free shipping with or minimum buy
  • Free products or 50% off
  • Percentage off from the purchase
  • Buy more but also save
  • Flash sales that need actions 
  • A gift with a purchase 
  • Exclusive deals to make people feel special 
SMS Marketing

1. Discount Abandoned cart recovery. 

Many shoppers are likely to add things to the carts that they desire. Yet, over 70% of the people are likely to abandon their carts. But why do they do that? As purchasers always look for many options or their cart total can be high or with otter problems. However, the main point is to observe that if you are thinking of being those shoppers, SMS marketing is the ideal option. 


‘Hey (name), don’t forget the Mike sports shoes! It is available with 20% off. Complete the checkout( add a link to the website)

2. More purchases with discounts 

Product bundling is the best technique to lead the customer to purchase more than they planned on. You are recommending a shoe with the cooling glass so they can get excited to get them all together. 

Not only do you get the opportunity to boost the average order value, conversion rate, and profits but also the customer can be satisfied with the good feeling of buying more at a great deal.


{Your Brand Name}: cooling glass + wallet = lovely pick. {Customer name}, get the dazzling cooling glasses, and you will get a wallet for just half the price:

3. Consumer Loyalty Rewards

Think about the consumers who are engaging with your brand. By SMS marketing, you can establish the best relationship with the consumer. Why don’t you give the consumers a good surprise pair of free hair conditioners as they bought shampoo from you? Or offer exclusive deals along with a “secret” code which is different to them. Deliver an extended discount which they could utilize with their next buy. You can even ask them to participate in an exclusive tournament, accessible for just VIP consumers. 


{Website Name}: Hey {consumer name}, being a member of our gold subscription: be the first one to look at our holiday sale with 40% of everything

4. Re-engaging to win back consumers 

Consumer inactivity is the most popular obstacle across businesses. Do you know any consumers who bought anything from you but are fully dormant from then on?

Because they are on look-around, they might search the site yet might not have purchased anything recently. But ensure that sticks with you. A true way to bring back those inactive consumers can be by automating the win-back SMS marketing by giving them a 10% discount with an extra incentive to shop again. So, offer discounts on certain items they like, depending on the previous thing they bought. 


{Website Name}: Hey {consumer name}, we are missing you as we haven’t heard from you in a while. Grab our 10% discount on our winter sale to get our new sweater

5. Holiday Promotions 

Take advantage of the holiday’s occasions to run the promotions and spotlight many events. 

For example, you can announce Christmas discounts and deals before and prepare the audience for your promotions that you are thinking of running during happy times. 


{Website Name}: Hey {consumer name}, our shop is having our Christmas flash sale now. Use the code CHRISTMAS 21 to get the discount. 

There are several ways to utilize as many discounts for your products and brands, adding unique discounts and special offers. That can make your SMS campaign more popular among people. It would help if you thought about getting discounted the best products at the best price for the perfect shoppers. Ready to start the SMS marketing campaigns effective than contact Guni SMS must today

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