4 Types of Revenue Models For Your Crowdfunding Platform

4 Types of Revenue Models For Your Crowdfunding Platform

Types of Revenue Models

Nowadays the world is moving towards new ways of getting a fund for personal requirements or for new projects. Global Crowdfunding Software are the key source of giving life to your innovative projects. These platforms are not just helping entrepreneurs to collect the required funds to kickstart the projects but they are also generating huge revenue from them. There are so many successful websites with a similar business model like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the market. There are plenty of businesses that have created Crowdfunding Script for specific nice like GoFundMe, Milaap and they are encouraging entrepreneurs to start their crowdfunding or fundraising platforms. 

There is a chance that you are planning to create and launch a Crowdfunding Software for your website then you can ask for the features of Kickstarter Clone Script as Kickstarter is the leading crowdfunding platform in the market and 8therate is the leading custom clone development company that can create a unique and secured Kickstarter clone that can help you kickstart your crowdfunding business without investing much of a time and money. 

Commissions on funds raised

When you think of Crowdfunding Clone Script e.g. Kickstarter clone then your site should be able to give a platform to the user who is innovative and looking for the platform that can give his project a global presence. When they feel the value of your website they will be more than happy to give you a commission as they will be getting more money than their expectation.

There is no restriction of posting a project on you Kickstarter clone as any person with creativity can list his/her idea or prototype on your website by following terms and condition of the website. As they are will have a global market, investors can invest money by contributing a minimum amount as well and you will be generating money from that as well. 

In this era, crowdfunding websites are the one-stop-shop for connecting investors and creators and all the investments or transactions are being done from the website only. As all transactions are being done from your website, you can keep a certain amount from each transaction, and to generate more revenue, just keep the project listing for free. 

Inventory fees

This is a separate model from the commission model. The inventory fee model can work when you are planning to have an Equity Crowdfunding Script for you. The inventory fee model helps in these types of crowdfunding as the business in this line doesn’t consider commission as a revenue model. Inventory fees are the fixed fees that will be charged to investors monthly/quarterly or yearly. If will defiantly gives you a fixed income per month but there are less surely for inventors to generate revenue so it might attract a lesser investor to your website.

Transaction fees

This is another type of revenue model that can help you generate income from your crowdfunding platform. It is related to commission and listing fee, both. so, whenever anyone pledges the amount on any of the projects, you will earn some amount based on the backed amount but that amount will be non-refundable. This model is not that well-known however some of the crowdfunding platforms are started following it.

Additional Services

Apart from the above-mentioned revenue model, you should go with the Crowdfunding Clone Script that offers a facility to list additional services as it will help you to generate additional revenue. As to generate more traffic, inventors will require video, images, or marketing services. Some might need a manager to manage all things related to starting a fundraising project so you should add additional services to your website to generate more revenue.
In short, when you are planning a crowdfunding website you should select a Website Design And Development Company that can help you add multiple revenue models to your crowdfunding website than sticking to one as it will help you generate more money for you along with the inventors.

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