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10 Mid-Century Fireplaces That Are Heating Things Up

10 Mid-Century Fireplaces That Are Heating Things Up

If you ask us, cool weather is the perfect excuse for comfort fireplaces. What could be better, literally and vividly, than using a raging fire? It’s simple: a raging fire next to a medieval fireplace.

You have not noticed this classic appearance, they are like moths. Not to mention that this thermal decoration will be a charming focal point. Scroll down and admire the little iron fireplace.

Mid-Century Fireplaces

1. Infuse rustic charm.

Designed via the way of means of Jessica Helgerson, this made-over houses wood-burning fireside and excessive wood ceilings inject a double dose of farmhouse charm. The Eames Lounge Chair, together with a huge window that allows heaps of herbal light, makes our hearts race.

2. Skip the mantel.

This mid-century fireplace proves that the mantelpiece is optional. The One Hundred Mile House team chose a floor-to-ceiling black brick frame, which brings warmth and drama, and truly makes the columns and beams and the unique decorative design shine.

3. Add a splash of color.

The destination Karen of Easter Eichler turned this 1950s house into a mid-century dream. The dark blue-tiled fireplace looks stylish and elegant, while the white furniture and accessories stand out on the light wood floor and lush green foliage in the backyard. Visit the https://magikflame.com website for more info about fireplaces.

4. Increase the contrasts.

You can’t go wrong with a tiled fireplace. In the Seattle house designed by Deering Design Studio, the gray and white walls are in sharp contrast. Brightly colored carpets and decorative pillows blend the look.


5. Incorporate shelves.

White tiles, black trim, and light wood create the atmosphere of this eye-catching living room. Austin Design Associates took full advantage of the space on both sides of the built-in shelf for the mid-century fireplace. Asymmetry makes things interesting.

6. For neutral relaxers, you can’t go wrong.

This walnut entertainment center perfectly forms the neutral mantelpiece of this mid-century house. The relaxing palette, timeless furniture, and picturesque scenery combine to create a very relaxing atmosphere. The only thing missing is a good glass of wine.

7. As a divider, use a double-sided fireplace.

A reversible tiled fireplace adds warmth to the living and dining area of ​​this California-style apartment designed by Lewis / Schoeplein Architects Architects. Outdated.

8. Infuse personality.

This sunny Australian family room looks comfortable and inviting, with many features. Strange additions, such as unique artwork, paddles, and copper fireplaces, plus dense snake plants and yellow plush blankets, add a bohemian style.

9. Take Danish-style elements and make them your own.

This California house designed by Charles de Lisle exudes a modern, minimalist medieval style, exudes a touch of Scandinavian style, and a white brick fireplace in matte tones. The warm wood tone and soft interior decoration.

10. Take a minimalist approach.

This California house designed by Charles de Lisle exudes a modern, minimalist medieval style, exudes a touch of Scandinavian style, and white brick fireplaces in matte tones. The warm wood tone and soft interior decoration. 

The fireplace can also be admired from their kitchen, as they decided to eliminate the wall and open up the whole space. By using light flooring and white coloring, they were able to make the space even bigger. floors, cabinets, and windows to extend the room. The red splash guard was chosen to add interest to the surrounding white.

It was so important that red was right. Jalapeno red was chosen to liven up the kitchen, which it certainly did! What makes it even cooler: it’s all a piece of glass. They didn’t want any gaskets in the splash guard so this is the biggest piece of glass they could get.

And it fits perfectly. Facing the glass splashback at the rear is a super impressive stackable sliding door, which opens the entire kitchen onto an outdoor terrace. Sometimes hints of greenery emerge from the large window on the reflective surface of the backsplash. Perfect for illuminating their area in winter and capturing greenery in summer.

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