Wine Clubs – A Great Way to Experience Wines From All Over the World

Wine Clubs – A Great Way to Experience Wines From All Over the World

 Wine clubs

A wine club is an evolving extension of contemporary wine culture. In years past, wine was consumed as an occasional treat, an occasional glass of wine on special occasions. However, today’s wine enthusiast is quite different: they will actively seek out and consume as many kinds of wine as they can manage. Wine clubs essentially are modern-day extensions of the old idea that a glass of wine is indeed a good thing. Wine clubs offer members the opportunity to access an ever-expanding catalog of wine; a membership club gives members access to a much more extensive database of available wine than would be possible without a membership.

Many wine clubs have been developed in recent decades. In the United States alone, there are now about a dozen such clubs. Italy, France, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are among the world leaders in wine clubs. These club members belong to clubs organized by region or country, and they all enjoy access to a wine of the month club, which distributes new wine selections in the members’ areas each month. The more popular wine clubs often offer wine samplers, a monthly supply of wine exclusively for members, with other offerings including food and wine pairings.

Each member of a wine club is granted a taste of the wine, usually for a week. Then the wine is reviewed by a wine expert, who provides the wine club member with an appraisal and comment. The process is repeated for about two weeks until the member tastes wine from various regions. Members then vote for their favourite, and the wine is then made available to the general public. For members who wish to buy wine in bulk, most wine clubs also offer buying by the case.

A few wine clubs have been successful at sponsoring events they become known, such as the Scion Wine Club. There are also clubs dedicated to specific regions, like the Rhone Valley Wine Country Clubs in the Rhone Valley, France. The most prestigious wine club, the International Wine Club, is globally accredited. Members have enjoyed red and white wines from Chile, Argentina, California, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and Spain. Memberships vary and can be based on financial means, geographical location and a variety of other criteria. Wineries can join together by the shared passion for wine and build wine clubs, which can even help wineries sell more wine in a given area.

A wine club can benefit both the consumer and the winery. Because each monthly shipment comes from a different region worldwide, there are varieties and brands available. A wine club member will have access to wines from France, Italy, Germany, California, Australia, Spain, Chile, Argentina and much more. Wineries can taste new grape varieties, which will surprise them with their flavour and texture, which may spark further growth in the vineyard.

There are a variety of benefits to joining a wine club. For example, memberships allow you to sample wines from different vineyards and different wineries, giving you greater diversity in your experience. You will be exposed to more varieties than you would ever find available to you otherwise. If you are a wine lover and enjoy trying new ones, becoming a member of a wine club is an excellent opportunity. If you are a casual wine drinker, you will benefit by having access to a wide variety of wines to choose from. Whatever your taste preference, you will have an opportunity to taste a wide selection of wines from around the world, which will impress your friends and fellow wine lovers.

Becoming a member of a wine club has many benefits, but perhaps the greatest is the satisfaction you will gain from using one. As a member, you will receive a monthly shipment of new and select wines from some of the most exclusive vineyards in the world. Your selection will not be limited, and you can even try wine from some of your favorite restaurants around the world. You will never get bored with your wine club selection, and with so many options, you will never feel as though you are being shortchanged.

Membership wine clubs often offer wine sampler dinners or tastings in their establishments. These samplers will allow you to try many different types of wine, at varying prices, in a relaxed setting. A wine club membership can be the perfect way to introduce someone to the many beautiful wines of the world or simply a good gift idea for yourself. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, affordable weekend getaway or want to try a new vintage to impress your friends, wine clubs can provide an excellent opportunity for you to do both.

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