Why Are Electrical Gates Better Than The Manual Ones?

Electrical Gates

A gate is a fundamental part of any house. The most commonly used gates are the hinged structured ones that open manually. But these are inconvenient options because a second person is required for the opening and closing of the door. Plus, a lot of force is required for opening and closing these doors.  So people in Berkshire are now shifting towards having electric doors installed in their garage. Even electric doors have their pros and cons but their pros are greater than their cons.

High level of security:

The reason why most people prefer electric gates is that they provide a high level of security. The motor inside the door does not operate after it has been turned off hence providing high security.   The chain becomes so immoveable that regardless of trying hard the thief cannot enter. Enhanced security gate systems will make sure that only the people with access are able to open the gates.

Easy to operate:

Garage doors are extremely easy to operate that’s why these are very popular among people. Unlike a manual door, these have to be opened just with a push-button. There is no need of hiring a security guard or ringing the doorbell every time you come. With a push of the button, the door will be opened easily. For further convenience, you can even get sensors installed on your door. Every time your car arrives at the door, sensors will detect its motion and then the gate will automatically open for you.

Sliding Electric gates with enhanced security systems:

Sliding gates are commonly used in residential as well as commercial driveways. The most commonly used sliding gates are metal or wooden. They give an aesthetic look to any house in which they are installed. A building with an electric gate installed gives a beautiful appearance. For proving extra protection to the electric gates many companies install fob, ID cards, and keypad locks with the gate.

Electric Wooden gates:

Automatic wooden gates made up of timber have grown immensely in popularity. The cost of these vary depending on your size and requirements but most people use wooden gates having a height of 6ft. If you want to increase the privacy of your property, then you can use wooden gates. People mostly prefer wooden gates because you cannot see through them. Wooden gates are a little bit expensive but the plus point of these is that you do not have to worry about your gateway being left open and the security being breached. Bi-fold wooden gates with sliding doors are very much in demand.

Electric Metal Gates:

Such types of gates are mostly installed in domestic driveways, schools, and commercial properties. The size and the design of the metal gates can be altered in order to meet your specific requirements. You can get them made either in a traditional look or a modern look. These are also of two types: a bi-fold and an electric sliding driveway gate. The installation cost varies from company to company and depends on the size and the type of gate that you want to get installed.

How do the electric gates work?

Typically, the electric gates consist of a gate and an automatic gate operator. Since the gate is a physical barrier, it should be durable and strong enough to provide you good security. The gate operator is an electronic mechanism that triggers it and then the gate is opened. Both of these components together ensure that only the authorized persons can open the gate. In this way, optimal driveway security is ensured.

Types of electric gates:

  • Cantilever gates: This slide out, allowing easy access to the interior of the facility. These are mostly used for businesses as they cover openings up to 120 feet wide in double alignment. These also allow a smooth operation hence they are very popular.
  • Swing Gates: As the name suggests, they allow access into the property by swinging inwards or outwards. They cover an opening up to 48 ft. wide and are a great alternative to cantilever gates. You can get them manufactured with either a single or a double swing, it all depends on you.
  • Vertical Lift Gates: Such types of gates rise upward to grant access to the property. Though these are highly space-efficient they can wear out easily when the flow of traffic is increased.

A variety of electric gates are available in the market. You can choose from the options according to your specifications. For example, some facilities will require a fast-acting automatic commercial gate that will maintain the flow without compromising on the quality. Complex automatic gates have high maintenance so, choose them according to your budget.

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