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What You Should Go for, Refrigeration Repair or Replacement?

What You Should Go for, Refrigeration Repair or Replacement?

Refrigeration Repair or Replacement

Whether to repair the refrigerator or replace it is a common conundrum amongst many. Both have their advantages but only under certain conditions. Neither repair nor replacement would work for all cases alike. There would be cases where refrigeration repair would be just as good while other times, replacement would be the way forward.

But how do you identify when to go for replacement or and when for repair? It is difficult for a layman to understand the requirement and so you need to hire an expert. It requires extensive research to understand the various components and decide whether to go for refrigeration repair or replacement. Don’t worry! You wouldn’t have to do it since we have done it for you.

When to repair the refrigerator?

Listed below are the where repair makes more sense over replacement.

  • Issues with temperature control

    A common issue faced by most refrigerator as it grow older deal with temperature control.   This issue is generally due to a problem with the thermostat, coil, or vent. You could also face problems with cooling if refrigerant leaks. But all these issues are easily repairable. Even in the worst case, you would have to replace the individual component which should still be far cheaper than replacing it altogether.

  • Refrigerator making noise

    The noise could be coming from behind the refrigerator, under it, or from the inside. Whatever be the case, it’s probably a minor fault with the compressor, fan, or drain pan. If it’s the compressor, the repair charge or expenses depends on the parts to replace or repair but for other components, it would be pretty cheap. Call a technician to inspect the refrigerator and identify the problem. If it’s anything other than the compressor, go with the repair. In the case of a compressor, ask for the repair cost and the warranty on the repair. If the refrigeration repair company is offering a decent warranty on the repair work, go with the repair.

  • Issue with the door seal

    Many a time, it’s the door seal that is damaged, thus resulting in inefficient cooling. If the door doesn’t close properly, the cool air from inside the refrigerator will escape, thus leading to reduced temperature and food items getting spoiled. Another factor that people tend to ignore is the increase in power bills. If the refrigerator is unable to maintain the set temperature, the compressor will work at excessive  power  leading to an increase in electricity consumption, and subsequently the power bill.

In most cases, it’s a simple issue with the door seal that can easily be replaced by a technician. It also wouldn’t cost you much and the refrigerator would cool as good as new.

Therefore, in case of issues with the door seal, repairing makes more sense than replacement.

When to replace the refrigerator?

You now know when refrigeration repair proves to be a cost-effective solution. For instance, if the refrigerator is very old, repairing wouldn’t be the ideal course of action. In an old refrigerator, some part or the other will keep malfunctioning every now and then, and it would be a major burden to repair them all, both mentally and financially. In this case, you should replace the refrigerator.

When purchasing a new refrigerator, you could get a good value exchanging  the old one if you opt for an exchange. A technician would inspect it and provide you with the exchange value, which in all likelihood, would be greater than selling it to a scrap dealer.

After reading the above section, you now understand when to opt for refrigeration repair and when to replace it. This information will come in handy and help you save a lot of money. However, we do recommend that you also consider the opinion of the technician who inspects your refrigerator since they would have a better understanding of the issue.

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