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What You Need to Know About Descaling

What You Need to Know About Descaling

What You Need to Know About Descaling

Any plumber would recommend scheduling various regular plumbing maintenance services. They will keep the integrity of your plumbing system sound and operating as needed. One of the services is descaling, performed at least once every two years. But what is descaling, and what does it involve? 

Below, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about descaling.

What is Descaling and Why Is It Important?

Descaling refers to the process of removing mineral buildup, or scale, from different parts of the plumbing system. This includes the pipes, water heaters, and boilers. 

Over time, the continuous flow of fresh water, wastewater, and chemicals in your lines can deposit sediments. They can build up into hard, insoluble coatings on the walls of pipes. This can affect your pipes’ functioning. If you don’t contact a drain cleaning company to resolve the issue, the scales can block your pipes. They can damage them beyond repair, forcing you to get a replacement. Descaling is important as it helps remove the buildup before it becomes problematic.

Types of Descaling Methods

There are four types of descaling methods to select from. It depends on the size of the plumbing system, the equipment, and the kind of sediment buildup.

  • Acid Descaling: This method involves using an acidic solution to dissolve mineral buildup in the plumbing system. Acid descaling is cost-effective and very effective in handling small to moderate buildups.
  • Alkaline Descaling: This technique involves applying an alkaline solution to dissolve scales. Alkaline descaling is particularly great for dealing with heavy buildup that acidic descaling can’t remove.
  • Mechanical Descaling: This method uses physical force to remove mineral deposits. Mechanical descaling tends to be more labor-intensive and time-consuming. But it’s excellent for getting rid of heavy buildup from pipes, water heaters, and other plumbing components.
  • Electrochemical Descaling: This is a more advanced descaling method. It uses electrical currents to clear scales. Electrochemical descaling is ideal for removing heavy buildup. But it’s expensive and needs specialized tools.

Benefits of Descaling Services

More Efficient Plumbing Systems

Excess mineral accumulation in your plumbing can strain its function. It forces your plumbing to work harder to push water past scales. You will need immediate drain cleaning. If they are not removed, these deposits can make your plumbing inefficient. 

The good thing about descaling is that it will eliminate all buildups in your pipes, making your plumbing more efficient. You may also need descaling during sewer repair.

Improved Water Safety

While scale deposits aren’t toxic, they’re notorious for causing contamination problems. They also provide a breeding ground for bacteria, especially Legionella. These problems can make water unsafe. They make descaling necessary to ensure water flowing through your plumbing is safe.

Save Money

Removing sediment deposits from the walls of your pipes makes their flow easier. Descaling allows your plumbing system to operate at optimal levels. This can significantly lower your water and electricity bills and help save money. Descaling also prevents breakdowns, letting you save money on future repairs or replacements.

Increased Lifespan

Scaling is infamous for shortening the lifespan of piping systems. They cause blockages and structural damage over time. Get an experienced plumber to descale your water lines. By removing any accumulated deposits, it helps extend the life of the plumbing system.

Rely on the Descaling Pros

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