What is Ethical Hacking? Types of Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking? Types of Ethical Hacking

Types of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking has been gaining traction lately and refers to the authorized attempt for gaining unauthorized access to computer systems or data. That said, the aim of ethical hacking is the improvement of the security of the systems and networks by fixing the vulnerabilities that are found while testing. So, now the question is, what is ethical hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking? 

Ethical hacking that is also referred to as White Hat hacking or penetration testing is the hacking standard that involves the authorized attempt for gaining unauthorized access to the computer system or data. The aim of ethical hacking is the improvement of the security of the systems and networks by fixing the vulnerabilities.

Highlight on the type of the ethical hacking 

Web application hacking: web applications get strong networks such as the internet on the Intranet. Sometimes there is also the site setup browser-based accounts that are vulnerable to lots of attacks. In this regard, ethical hackers always work to test these weaknesses. 

Wireless network hacking: wireless networks are always the collection of the computer center connected wirelessly to the central access point. The white hat hackers always need to be aware of the potential security flaws associated with wireless networks.

  • Server hacking 

Servers serve in the form of operating systems and applications that allow the web pages to get hosted and connected to the backend database. Every step of the process has potential weaknesses, and there is a need for ethical hackers to identify and fix them.

  • Social engineering 

Social engineering is completely different from the other methods that we’ve mentioned so far, and the focus is on information access to computer systems and networks. It also ensures the manipulation of the people into giving them access to the handling of the sensitive data without suspension.

  • System hacking 

While accessing the secure network system, hacking is all regarding gaining access to specific computers within a network. 

  • Ethical or the white hat hacking

Ethical or white hat hackers are the ones who are attempting to do so, while there are also some suggesting the countermeasures.

Why is Ethical Hacking Essential?

We now understand what ethical hacking is, but why can computer hacking be so valuable? Basically, by intentionally assuming out activities and weaknesses in an association’s computer networks, it’s probable to fix them earlier an unethical hacker can take benefit of them.

Ethical hackers work to assistance associations recognize and exclude threats by improving the whole IT security of the organization. So, in a time where searching data is kept through all kinds of industries, networks, and servers, it’s important to keep it. White-hat (ethical) hackers support to recognize feats that could be exploited by black-hat (unethical/malicious) hackers.

Of course, it’s not just data that’s at stake when it derives to cybercrime. A 2020 statement by the Center for Planned and International Studies and security software company McAfee found that cybercrime losses quantity to around 522 billion in 2018. They attribute these rising costs to better reporting, as well as more effective hacking methods.

As well as the defeat of data and money, cybercrime can damage public security, damage economies, and weaken national security. Obviously, it’s important to keep associations and their data, and ethical hacking can show an essential role in this defense.

Final words 

The practice of ethical hacking has been popularly known in the industries as “White Hat ” hacking. The ones who perform this hacking are called White Hat hackers. “ Black Hat” hacking refers to the practices involving security violations and doesn’t fall under the category of “White Hat ” hacking. For learning ethical hacking, all you will have to do is study the Black hat hacker’s and tester’s mindsets and also the techniques to utilize for the recognition and the fixing of the vulnerabilities within the networks and Systems. A best ethical hacking course in bangalore from SSDN Technologies can give you a vivid understanding of ethical hacking, its role, scopes, use, practical knowledge, and everything else. One of the significant benefits of learning ethical hacking is the potential for improvement of the organization’s security and defending them against malicious attacks. Hackers are also the primary threat to the organization’s security. Knowledge regarding ethical hacking ensures implementing the hacker tactics that allow the identification and mitigation of the potential threats.

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