What Are The Steps For The Linksys Router Setup?

Linksys Router Setup

The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router has become very easy now with the use of Smart Setup Wizard. But you need to use a compatible web browser to do the setup.

A great advantage of the Smart setup wizard is that it comes as a function of the firmware. Thus you can do the setup even if you don’t have an active internet connection. This guide will tell you about the easy steps for the Linksys Router Setup with the help of Smart Setup Wizard. And you will find the Smart Wizard Setup option in all the Linksys Smart WiFi routers.  Now before directly jumping to the steps for the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router setup, let’s know about some pros of the Smart Setup Wizard method.

Pros of using the Smart Setup Wizard

However, there are several Pros of using the Smart Setup Wizard. The following are the most significant:

  • The Users do not require any additional software or Setup CD for setting up the router. And do note that the CD that comes along with the router does not contain any setup software. Instead, it contains the router’s documentation. 
  • The user can directly open the router’s web-based setup page while doing the router setup.

Essentialities for Setting Up the Router

Please take care of the following listed things to avoid any issues while setting up the router:

  • The following list of browsers are compatible for doing the router setup using the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi access:
    • The Microsoft Edge.
    • The updated versions of Chrome and Firefox
    • Adobe Flash Player updated to the latest version.
    • Internet Explorer 8 or its later versions.
    • And Safari, if you are using any Mac or iOS device.
  • You also need the following facilities to do the router setup:
    • A Linksys Smart WiFi Router
    • At least two internets or ethernet (RJ-45) cables.
    • You also need a Wi-Fi-enabled device or computer connected to an ethernet port. 
  • And lastly, you need to have an Active internet connection. In case you are having trouble with the wireless internet connection, you can connect your modem and computer with the help of a wire using the ethernet cable.

 However, if you don’t have a router to connect your computer, you can connect the computer directly with the connection of your Internet Service Provider or ISP. To do so, you can connect the optic cable provided by your ISP to the ethernet port of your device.  

Now once you fulfill the above requirements, you can move to the Router Setup part.

Steps for the Linksys Router Setup using the Smart Setup Wizard

Stick to the following steps to do the Linksys Router Setup:

  • Foremost, open the router packing and check if the router contains any external antennas. And if it does, first connect those antennas to the router. Then connect the router to the power outlet and power it on. You may find a power switch on the router, push the switch to power it on, then wait till the router’s power light lights up.
  • Now connect the ethernet cable with the modem and to the router’s Internet port.
  • Now you need to connect the device that you are going to use to do the setup with the Secured WiFi connection. You need the WiFi credentials to connect to the WiFi network. You may find these credentials at the bottom part of the router or in its Quick Start Guide. Also, make sure that your computer has a strong internet connection to avoid any complexities while doing the setup. To get a better internet connection, bring the router close to your computer. Or at least move your computer to the same room as your router. Now to get the best possible internet connection, you can connect your computer with the router through a wired connection.
  • Now open an internet browser on your computer (we recommend using the web browsers mentioned in the previous section) and search for the URL http://linksyssmartwifi.com in the search bar. If this particular link doesn’t work, you can either use the default IP address or the myrouter.local web address in the search bar to access the router login page.
  • Once you land on the subsequent page, please select the checkbox saying I have read and accepted the Licence terms for using this software and then tap in the Next button.
    • You can also select the Manual Configuration option to set up your router manually instead of the Smart Setup Wizard.
    • With some Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers, you will also find the option I want to skip Setup and Configure my router manually. If you see any checkbox with such an option, select it and hit the Next button.
    • In case the smart screen option does not appear on the screen, you need to reset your router. To reset the router, hold the router’s Reset button for 10 seconds, Turn OFF the router, Turn it back ON, and repeat the whole process again.
    • If there is an internet connection issue, you will see the Your Internet cable is not connected correctly option. Then you need to perform the troubleshooting steps given on the screen and then tap on the Next button once the issue is resolved.
    • The users having a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), the setup will ask for a Point-to-Point over Ethernet (PPPoE) Account name and Password. Here you need to fill in the necessary information in the respective sections and hit the Next button to continue.
  • In the Updates for your router window, the Install future router updates automatically (recommended) option is already selected by default. You can even uncheck this option to stop the Auto-updates. However, you can enable this option anytime after logging into your router’s web-based setup page. Then again, tap on the Next button to proceed further.
  • You need to fill in the Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password in the respective fields and then hit the Next button. However, if you want to connect to the 5 GHz network, you need to add _5GHz as a suffix to your wifi name. And you can also use a single network name for both the networks by selecting Give all my Wi-Fi bands the same name option.
  • Now connect your device to the new WiFi name and then come back to the setup option and select the Next button.
  • Then you need to enter a unique password of your choice in the Create a router password tab. And then select the Next button. If you often forget your passwords, you can add a hint regarding your password in the Add a password hint section.
  • Now after performing all the above-given steps, you will see a Your router is set up! Message on the screen. Next, you will see the Wi-Fi settings, along with the router admin password information being displayed on the screen. Please note down the new settings on the Quick Start Guide so that you can use them in the future.
  • Now again, hit the Next button to end the process.
  • And lastly, the page will redirect you to the Create Your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account page.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Linksys Router Setup process using the Smart Setup Wizard method. 

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