What Are Lingual Braces And How Does it Differ From Traditional Braces?

What Are Lingual Braces And How Does it Differ From Traditional Braces?

Traditional Braces

You might have seen a lot of people with crooked mouths i.e. alignment of the teeth differs from being symmetrical and often results in bad shape which then refers to a crooked mouth or smile . No wonder , the same person can attain the symmetry as well as the broad smile can be brought back with the help of the dental braces. Dental braces also known as orthodontic cases are objects used in dental science which help in straightening and realigning the teeth into their original position according to the the nature of human bites , a human bite can be well understood by the fact that whenever you chew the food your upper jaw must correlate with the lower jaw and hence while doing to and fro motion the teeth shouldn’t overlap the other. There are many types of conditions that dental braces can cure and some of them are underbites , cross bites , deep bites , malocclusions , overbites and other problems related to oral health and Hygiene. Depending upon the type of care your teeth needs,  a dentist will suggest the right braces for you. We have curated the opinions and information after talking to some of the best professionals dealing with braces in Alpharetta. Through this article we would like to know about the differences between the traditional braces or old ones, and lingual braces, which might help you choose the right one for you and your family.

Traditional Braces

Traditional or metal braces are the most common and popular type of braces which were first introduced about 100 years ago in the field of dentistry. Though in the early days these traditional braces used to be heavy and they were quite visible too but with the advancement of technology and new innovations, traditional braces since then have become smaller in size, faster to attach, more comfortable in wearing and more effective than the previous ones. The process involves connecting the braces through a wire , the wire is tied to the braces through elastic ties so that less impact should be imparted to the teeth. If you have a traditional brace , you need to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks so that the adjustments should be done in the wire to move your teeth . These are not detachable and are removed once the realignment is done. Parents and adults love them because they do not need to say every time to wear them but they require good attention and care and maintaining oral hygiene is a must while wearing them. The disadvantages are that it’s difficult to brush , and it is the most noticeable form of braces. Also , it cannot be recommended to the individual suffering from poor oral hygiene.

Lingual Braces

Unlike traditional braces they aren’t the most common type among the individuals because lingual braces are applied behind the teeth and orthodontists with the special skills can only apply lingual braces. They are the most specialized but the least common dentistry material in the market. This is also because applying lingual braces isn’t taught in the study dentists pursue and hence learning them will require additional study and information. Although they are not so common, putting it as an option in front of the eligible patients can make a lot of difference since they are the most efficient and provide full customization to your teeth. Also they aren’t visible since they are behind the teeth. Invisibility is a property which is attracting many youths world wide now since it goes unnoticed and provides complete orthodontic care as well. While these are the advantages that come, there are some disadvantages too . Being behind the teeth can create irritation in your tongue as it will always come in contact with the braces , also individuals have experienced a sudden change in their lip sync and speech motions. These are the changes which come through the onset of lingual Braces and gradually go away with the time as our mouth gets accustomed to it. If you are looking for lingual braces in Alpharetta or nearby places, you can choose the one that meets your requirements and personal preferences.


It all depends on you whether to choose a traditional one or a lingual brace since both have their own advantages and well acknowledgement of your health with the help of your dentist can help you identify the right braces for you.

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