What Are Expansion Joints And Where Are They Used

What Are Expansion Joints And Where Are They Used

Expansion Joints

Have you ever noticed how the bridges tend to develop cracks and damage due to vehicular traffic? If the expansion joints are not properly installed or maintained, then the joints tend to lose the ability to expand and contract with the structure thus becoming less effective. This in result allows for more damage on the bridge and shrinkage of concrete. If the expansion joints lose grip and flexibility, then the structural coherence of the bridge is compromised.

So, expansion joints also popularly known as the movement joints, aid to absorb movement between two surfaces. Interestingly, expansion joints can take on various shapes and sizes to absorb movement.

For example, longer building walls undergo more movement. Also, buildings at the corners with walls are susceptible to more effects of movement. If the expansion joints are not installed and designed in these locations, extensive cracks will develop in the walls due to the internal stress.

Types of expansion joints

By now we know that the expansion joints are mostly used in bridges, piping systems and slabs. They are used because they can endure stress and accommodate movement. In construction, the expansion joints are also known as control joints.

Before we go into the application of the expansion joints, let’s dive deep into the types of expansion joints. The types of expansion joints are based on the location of the joints.

Pipe expansion joints

If you are in the industrial unit, you would need pipe expansion joints especially to pass high temperature substances like gas, steam or other fluid. Given the type of material that is used for making the joint, you can further categorize the expansion joints into metal expansion joints, gimbal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, universal expansion joint, single expansion joints, elbow pressure balanced expansion joints, toroidal expansion joints, in-line pressure balanced expansion joints, thick wall expansion joints and slip-type expansion joints.

Rail expansion joints

Generally, you won’t find an expansion joint on the railway track but suppose a track is laid on the bridge then an expansion joint is pivotal.  

Bridge expansion joints

One of the most common types of expansion joints, these are designed and installed to avoid shrinkage between two surfaces and accommodate easy movement.

Uses of expansion joints

One of the main uses of expansion joints is to maintain the seal between two surfaces when there is a movement. The expansion joints can limit the structural damage caused due to expansion and contraction. Dutco Tennant LLC, the prime supplier of expansion joints in the Middle East and GCC region, has earned the trust over four decades for its uniquely designed expansion joints and its application. The expansion joints are designed and installed to satiate the needs of the customer and fulfill the project requirement.

Expansion joints are often installed near heat exchangers, boilers, engines, pumps, turbines, condensers, and in piping systems.

Here’s looking at some of the important applications of the expansion joints and the industries they are utilized:

–         Chemical Processing

–         Construction Engineering

–         Bridge construction

–         Wastewater Treatment

–         Gas Turbine

–         Power generation

–         Gas Transmission

–         Pharmaceuticals

–         Architect Engineering

–         Metal Expansion Joints

–         Mechanical contractor

Basically, the expansion joints act as a buffer (and it can be made of rubber, wood, metal or any other material) and then installed between two surfaces to prevent them from damage. In the Middle East, if you are in need of expansion joints, there’s only one trusted supplier that can fulfill all your demands — Dutco Tennant LLC. The company, which has been supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical for around four decades, takes immense pride in the design to create solutions to fulfill the needs of the projects be it pipeline or bridge construction. For more information when it comes to expansion joints, set up a call with the expert professionals.

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