Find The List of Top 5 VOIP Business Phones

Find The List of Top 5 VOIP Business Phones

VOIP Business Phones

It can be challenging for small IT departments to provide telecommunications to companies in many new locations. Fortunately, this is where the voice of the clouds can shine through IP (VoIP) providers. With Cloud VoIP (sometimes called the PBX cloud system), you can move extensions directly to new locations with the click of a mouse.

Devices can also be easily changed by downloading the software or by simply redirecting the phone to another number. Because many of these programs add different collaboration features, VoIP Cloud is probably the best investment that a business can make.

What is VOIP Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones uses the Internet to make and receive calls. A small block connects your phone to the Internet. Once the system is connected, you can make and receive VoIP calls.

Traditional Phone System VS VOIP Phones

The most crucial difference between VoIP and landline is in technology. Planned telephones, which have not changed much since the beginning of the 20th century, require cable and infrastructure change.

By today’s standards, wireless technology is limited, allowing users to make and receive voice calls only. On the other hand, VoIP technology has changed the way businesses communicate. At the same time, the power of IP has been around for decades. VoIP is a small business phone system that has changed in recent years due to the renewal of phones and the Internet’s speed.

How VOIP works?

VoIP calls (also known as Internet calls and IP calls) work by converting your voice into data (also called data packets). Your digital voice data is then transmitted over the Internet (such as sending an email).

Best VOIP Phone Systems For

Let’s have a look at the top VOIP business phone systems-

1. Nextiva

You will get a toll-free number with all their designs. It comes with some changing features. For example, you can set an action that will take place at a specific time or receive automatic notifications when a new transaction occurs. Nextiva’s support team is very knowledgeable and helpful. If you encounter problems, you can always contact them.


Ooma Office Phone is a popular VOIP phone services provider for small businesses. When you sign up, they will choose a toll-free number, but you can always choose a new one. It is great because you can add a toll-free number to any of their designs. It is evident because it is straightforward to install. You can also have great features like music, visual downloads, extended dialing, mobile apps, and more while you wait with Ooma

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the leading VoIP phone services and virtual reality phone applications on the market. If you are a small or big enterprise owner, you can use these phone services.

It includes all essential functions, such as incoming call management, forwarding calls, special greetings, simultaneous call management, VoIP calls, and voicemail. You can use mobile or desktop applications to make outgoing calls. Unlike a phone, there is no limit to the number of minutes you can use.

4. Call Hippo

CallHippo is one of the best mobile apps on our list. It has standard features like call waiting, contact management, welcome message, call reminder, and more.

It comes with a free program with limited features and suitable for entrepreneurs and startups. However, you can always switch to a higher plan to take advantage of premium features.


Phone. Com is the most affordable or inexpensive VoIP services for small businesses and one of the complete VoIP phone services. It offers various features such as forwarding calls, call waiting for assistance, call ID, voicemail, messaging, and more. You will receive at least one local number or a toll-free number for their programs. It is very beneficial for your business, as customers can contact you for free. Want to know about the types of people listed by your customers, public profile, and more?


VoIP is the right choice for a small business because, unlike traditional systems, you do not need to install sophisticated equipment or IT staff to manage it. It is very convenient for businesses because of its budget.

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