Video Membership Alternative: A new pathway for YouTubers to get 5X Revenue

Video Membership Alternative: A new pathway for YouTubers to get 5X Revenue

What is a video membership platform?

A video membership platform is a website on which content creators can create their own membership channel. Any individual or business who creates video content to cater to the audience’s needs and demands is termed as content creator. The content creator provides access to their content on the video membership platform only to their paid customers. It could be a membership or subscription model.

Video Membership Alternative
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How can YouTubers make a membership site platform successful?

Investment of time, money and effort is required to create high-quality, content-heavy and engaging videos to deliver value to the audience. YouTube charges 30% of revenue from the content creators on its platform. This is why the membership site platform is the future of video monetization for YouTubers. The factors that make video membership platforms successful are listed below.

1. Restricted free trial period

The first step to monetising videos on its own is to offer free trials to prospective customers. This helps them experience the kind of value they will derive by making an investment to purchase your digital product.

2. Provide premium content

Deliver what your digital product promises. These are crucial self-video monetization tips. Create high-quality and relevant content to provide value to your customers. Most importantly, be transparent about what your customers must expect.

3. Analyze content performance

Review and analyze the performance of your content on the membership site. The performance might vary based on the type of content, format, etc. Consider relevant parameters for analysis and utilize the learnings to enhance your offering further.

4. Communicate with your users

Gaining direct access to the educator encourages people to sign up for the paid product and keeps them engaged. Interaction on an open forum, monthly Q&A sessions and fortnightly mastermind calls are some of the ways to keep users engaged.

5. Add new users to your funnel

Work towards adding new members to your platform constantly. It is the only way to grow your business and make it a flowing revenue stream as a YouTube membership alternative.

Best ways to monetize without YouTube

Content creators can earn revenue without YouTube by creating their video channel and nurturing their community on a YouTube alternative platform. We’ve listed below the best ways to monetize video content without YouTube.

1. Create an independent channel

Create yourself-revenue guide on the branded platform using any of the top membership sites available in the market. You can establish your brand and build authority.

2. Provide subscription options

Create subscriptions – a monthly, yearly, lifetime or hybrid membership model to meet your business goals. It will generate income repeatedly and become a constant source.

3. Declare acceptance of donations

Create an open channel on your platform to receive donations from your fans.

4. Sell affiliate products

Endorse relevant and useful products for your audience using affiliate networks with an end goal to benefit your users.

5. Create online course

Deliver valuable content that matches the interest of your audience through an online course in the form of tutorials or videos.

6. Offer digital downloads

Create cheat sheets, ebooks, videos, templates, etc where your users can implement what they learn from you and gain practical experience.

7. Receive sponsorship

It is the best YouTube video monetization alternative. Give a shout out to your sponsors in your videos.

8. Collaborate with other content creators

Join hands with famous content creators in your/relevant industry vertical to leverage their audience to promote your brand.

Advantages of membership site for your business

With the world going digital, it is crucial for businesses to build their brand to stay in the market. There are several benefits of a membership site to content creators and businesses.

1. Source of income

Creating multiple digital products to sell in a membership model generates revenue every time a new customer purchases or renews a subscription.

2. Catering to market needs

Create multiple courses with the motive of delivering promised value for each. Your users can purchase the product based on the result they want to achieve.

3. Impactful

People who pay money, pay attention. They are serious about gaining results and will utilize the content delivered to them.

Social proof and referrals

Get your customers to spread the word about their experience on social media to garner attention and gain more customers.

5. Channeling digitization

Creating digital products is a one-time effort. Enhancing the product, getting feedback and getting more customers are the only action tasks.

Tips to generate 5X revenue from your membership channel

Here are the tips to earn money without YouTube for content creators.

1. Use a video membership platform such as GUDSHO to create your own membership channel in less than 5 minutes. It is one of the best alternatives for YouTubers as you can bulk upload videos, create video libraries and import and export content that cannot be done on YouTube.

2. Create multiple monetization channels such as SVOD, TVOD, donations, affiliate marketing and secure payments from global audiences. YouTube restricts receiving payments from several countries.

3. Use built-in marketing features such as SEO, video sitemaps, integration of social channels, publishing reviews, etc. Individual efforts are required to market while using YouTube to generate revenue.

4. Get detailed analytics such as engagement rate, lifetime value of subscribers, channel report, and demographics, and track gross and net revenue on GUDSHO. YouTube has limited analytics that cannot be utilized to enhance products.

5. Engage with your users directly on your channel to foster relationships.

Advantages of having an independent membership channel

1. Reliable and highly scalable source of income.

2. Build and nurture a community.

3. You can run segmented and targeted marketing campaigns. You can also upsell 1-to-1 mentoring, downloadable and premium products.

4. Constantly upgrade your content to deliver increased value.

5. It establishes your credibility and authority in the market.

Top Alternatives to YouTube


It is a powerful and easy-to-use video monetization platform for YouTubers, Fitness creators, Artists, storytellers and so on to make the best use of their branded content. Being the quickest route to upload & monetize videos, GUDSHO remain at the forefront of making the best for independent artists across niches.

2. Patreon

It is a preferred platform by podcasters, musicians and comic creators. You can gate content individually, create private community access, and utilize a private RSS feed.

3. Ko-fi

You can create coupon codes, posts, message one-on-one discreetly and integrate your creator dashboard with Google Analytics.

4. Memberful

It is one of the best YouTube alternatives as you can sell podcasts privately, circulate newsletters to selective members, integrate third-party apps, etc.

5. BuyMeACoffee

Creators on this platform can get paid by anyone who appreciates their work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a community member/user. Multiple and commonly used local payment methods are available.

Future of video membership

1. Content creators will be able to personalize content for their audience on their channel hosted on a video membership platform.

2. Original and unique content from different parts of the world will be generated in large numbers as the market grows.

3. More video streaming platforms and channels will sprout up to cater to the growing demand.

4. Flexible monetization models will be introduced to attract and retain customers.

5. Live streaming videos will surpass the pre-recorded video streaming viewers.

Last word

You are now equipped with an in-depth understanding of the requirement and benefits of utilizing a video membership platform for your business. Create your own membership channel to establish your expertise, grow your community, build your brand and skyrocket your revenue.

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