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Trending Flower Pots: What’s Hot in the World of Container Gardening?

Trending Flower Pots: What’s Hot in the World of Container Gardening?

Living in an apartment where you only have a small place and no garden space, your gardening hobby slowly dies, but do you always need a large garden to plant your favorite peonies and lilies? No, all it takes is creativity and a different thought process that allows you to see beyond your circumstances and do things that serve your purpose, thanks to creativity.

the World of Container Gardening?

Considering the increasing need for indoor and outdoor container gardening, many options are gaining popularity in the world of gardeners. People are coming up with creative options to bring greenery to their homes.

Here are some trending flower pot types which are creating a buzz in the gardening world.

Concrete Containers

These are the new trendy containers in the market. They come in various sizes and shapes, be it the usual round shape, vintage-looking goblet-shaped, tray-shaped, and many more. The best thing about these is their strength and durability. They are heavy; thus, it is advised to use them where you don’t need to move them frequently.

Plastic Pots

Plastic pots are not eco-friendly, but gardeners prefer them because of their durability and lightweight. First, plastic pots are easily available, and they come in varied shapes. Besides, they are a perfect choice if you want a hanging garden. Their light weight allows you to hang them.

If you are looking forward to decorating your place with greens, plastic pots are the right choice. You can hang them overhead to create a green roof if it is a rooftop dinner. Hang them on the balcony to create a green spot and enjoy coffee amongst the serenity of greenery.

Ensure that the material you are using for hanging the plant can bear the weight of the water. Else, the pot might fall, and your plant will suffer.

Resin Planters

Resin is widely used for everything from floor to decorative pendants and jewelry, and planters are not untouched by their magic. Resin planters are gaining popularity as they are not heavy and can take any shape. If you know a resin artist, you can get custom-made planters as you desire. Faux stone planters made of resin are quite popular these days.

Can Planters

If you want a rustic look for your garden, you have hundreds of plants, and you don’t want to spend on planters, old iron cans and containers can be a good option. What to do? Just cut off the upper lid and fill the cans with soil. You can use different-sized containers for different plants.

Some might complain that they don’t look aesthetic but make your creative mind work and paint them in your color. Add a character to your garden by painting smiles or emoticons on these. And when they start rusting, you can get rid of them without any remorse.

Avant Garde

Are you someone who is always looking for “something different”? Then, it’s time to look for those “different” planters for your garden. It can be anything. You can buy those fancy planters which are available at hefty prices in shops, or you can use your creative 3D printing techniques.

If decoration is the aim, then these will work perfectly. Be it the end of your staircase, in the drawing room, at the house entrance, or in your bedroom, go for 3D planters. Numerous designs are available out there if only you have the vision. Don’t forget to match your planters with the interiors.

Ceramic Planters

Ceramic planters are most popular for indoor gardening. For example, if you want a green piece for your conference table. Ceramic planters make it possible. Their small size, strength, and shiny beauty advocate for them to be allowed inside.

Hypertufa Planters

Hypertufa is a kind of rock that is made of peat moss, sand, and quick-drying cement, which is more porous than concrete pots and is a good choice for planters. You can buy readymade hypertufa planters or you can get your hands dirty. It will be fun. You can design any kind and size of planter you want.

Release Pots

ReleasePots is a revolutionary potting way that allows you to use the same pot for planting more saplings and shrubs. It is made of a hundred percent recycled materials. The heavy-duty pots are see-through, so you can easily see the growing roots and if they are overflowing. They come with easy-to-carry handles, so if you shift your plants frequently, these are the ideal choice. Plus, the water drains slowly through them, keeping the soil moisturized.

Their system of putting the root ball is much ahead of time. The two sides of the pots are releasable, so you can dig the hole, keep the planter inside it, and release the sides. The plant will be in place in no time without damaging the roots, which often cause plants’ death.

Glass Pots

Sounds fragile? They are gaining more popularity in office spaces. Their state-of-the-art designs and aesthetics vouch for them. They are perfect for small flowering plants. They also make for a good planting gift.

Planting Pot Stands

As plants make their way away from the garden, pot stands are also gaining popularity. Large pot stands which resemble vases, circular Ferris wheel-themed plant stands, ladder-themed planter stands, etc., are some examples.


How you incorporate variety in your container gardening shows your creativity. Plants are of different types: trees, flowering plants, climbers, flower beds, shrubs, etc. All these different plant types need different planter types. So, go for a versatile look for your indoor and outdoor garden.

10 types of different flowerpots are discussed above. You can choose different ones and add a distinct character to your garden.

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