Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends to Follow During Pregnancy

Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends to Follow During Pregnancy


With summer on its way, now is the time to think about staying stylish during pregnancy. So many of the new trends seen on the runways for last year are easily transferrable for pregnancy. So, have no fear – your changing body will not hold you back from rocking this season’s hottest trends.

#The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is known for its conservative yet figure-flattering benefits. As a result, it has constantly been rising in popularity. You can wear it comfortably, and it sits flatteringly over your budding belly. These flowy maternity dresses are also weather-friendly; it is long enough for chilly evenings and lovely for those hot summer days. It is especially weather-versatile when paired with a loose cardigan or light scarf.

You can try a light scarf and a flowy white cardigan over a red maxi dress to flatter your baby bump. For a similar look, try the 4-in-1 maternity cardigan, which can be belted closed when cooler or left free-flowing when warmer. You can also don a maxi dress with a deep-V neckline, which is marvelous for drawing attention above your midsection. Overall, this trend can allow you to look current and gorgeous to your last trimester.

#The Crop Top

For all those pregnant women who have shied away from the revival of the 80’s crop top, it’s time to rethink this look! There are perfectly appropriate and even tasteful ways to sport this season’s trend. For example, you can pair a crop top with a high-waisted, flowing Bohemian-style skirt, which feels comfortable and gives a care-free, yet elegant look. Also, combining a crop top with a high-waisted crop pant can create an age-appropriate and chic take on this trend.

#The White Shirt

Blouses are the ideal staple in any fashionable wardrobe. However, this summer, fashion designers are showing interesting twists on the classic button-up. You can see sheer sleeves, ruffles, or other added embellishments. This look can be flattering while following the clean-cut minimalist look currently gracing the runways as a woman wanting to rock your bump in style. Also, these tops are very light, allowing you to feel comfortable and chic. And to add more sparkle to a white shirt, you can pair this look with a statement necklace.

#Maternity Leggings

Leggings are hot, hot, hot! While we have seen the revival of the leggings over the past few seasons, it is still a very current trend. They are ideal for adding more structure and sophistication to those flowy maternity tops and dresses. Also, a pair of leggings help give a more polished look to a shapely figure.

Remember, if you’re wearing a slouchy, loose-fitting ensemble, it should be paired with a more form-fitting top-wear to create balance. Soft and stretchy maternity leggings are a safe and easy option to show your best when strutting the streets this summer. Likewise, you can show off your glorious pregnant figure with a black maxi dress paired with a tailored pair of white leggings. However, leggings in the pastel-color range such as mint or peach are also very “now,” as seen with summer suits.

#The Crop Pant

The crop pant trend also makes it easy for you to embrace your bump effortlessly and comfortably. With an elastic waistband that allows room for growth, high-stretch maternity pants are fun and easy to wear. Floral or abstract patterned crop pants are also huge this season, giving you a playful, feminine appeal. Couple these pants with a pair of nautical-colored wedges, and you will be enjoying the summer in style.

With these five hot summerlicious trends, you can have a fashion-wise pregnancy. Remember, summer is all about comfort as well as style—ideal for pregnant fashionistas. You should think about flowing fabrics, playful patterns, and light-pastel colors. Enjoy looking radiant during your pregnancy because you deserve to feel glorious in your new shape – you go, girl!

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