Top-10 Most Valuable Players in The Super Bowl 2021

Top-10 Most Valuable Players in The Super Bowl 2021

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the most exciting sports event of the year. From the time they are drafted in the NFL, football players do their best to be among the most valuable players. At the end of the Super Bowl event, the player who decides the champion team for the NFL is awarded the super bowl MVP award as the most valuable player. But what exactly does the Super Bowl most valuable player award involve? And who are the ten most valuable players in the Super Bowl 2021? This post expounds on that. 

The Super Bowl’s most valuable player award is usually given to that player after the national football league, and the Super Bowl concludes. To earn this award, a player needs to play a crucial role in the game’s outcome. Both the fans and members of the media contribute to picking this particular player. While 20% of the votes will come from the fans, media members will account for 80% of the total cast votes. Fans can vote online for their favorite player as the game goes on. The Super Bowl is the single-most wagered event in the United States. There are several super Bowl betting that you can participate in during the event besides the usual NFL games that go on week in and week out. 

Proposition bets are another name for these bets. Examples include predicting whether the first play will be a run or pass or how long it will take to sing the national anthem. To help us know who won the Super Bowl most valuable player award, let’s take a walk down memory lane. 

How did the Super Bowl most valuable player award come to be? 

One of the most popular proposition bets in the Super Bowl event is predicting which player will be awarded the Super Bowl MVP award. We will have to go back to history to know how many players have won this award. 

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the latest football player to be awarded the Super Bowl most valuable player award. This was an exciting pick that was deemed quite controversial. The reason is that out of all the players who showcased their football talent that Sunday evening, he did not outperform them. Many fans thought that the player who was most deserving of the award was RB Damien Williams, who plays for the Chiefs. The contributions that Williams made in the game were enormous. He made a pair of touchdowns, 104 yards on 17 attempts and 26 yards on four catches. 

The number of MVP trophies that have been awarded so far is 54. Out of this number, 44 of the trophies have been awarded to offensive players, and the Super Bowl most valuable player award has gone to a running back almost seven times. In total, the number of defensive players who have won this prestigious award is only 10, and only one of these players held the trophy. 

Desmond Howard

Desmond Howard was the one defensive player that held the MVP trophy in the Super Bowl XXXI. What earned him this award was his great contribution in the Super Bowl game, and Howard made a record 154 kickoff return yards and 90 punt return yards, as well as a touchdown. 

Tom Brady

The Patriots quarterback named Tom Brady as the most super bowl MVPs (4). Brady did the team a solid from his outstanding performance during the Super Bowl. 

Joe Montana

If you are searching for one of the greatest football players of all time and who has won the Super Bowl’s most valuable player award three types, it has to be Joe Montana. The three years that Joe Montana won the prestigious MVP award include 1982,1985, and 1990. Besides Montana’s achievements, three other football players have won the MVP award twice each. They include:

Bart Starr

Eli Manning

Terry Bradshaw

These players played hardball to get these achievements. The list goes on, and other players that were noticed because of their contribution in the Super Bowl game as co-MVPs the Super Bowl XII are:

Harvey Martin  

Randy White

Both of these players were playing for the Dallas Cowboys when they were given this award. It’s only in the Super Bowl that you will see a player from the losing team get to be awarded the MVP award. 

Chuck Howley

Even though the Dallas Cowboys lost the Super Bowl in 1971, Chuck Howley did his very best to get noticed by the fans and members of the fourth estate. No one saw this coming, but Howley deserved the trophy for what he did for the Dallas Cowboys. 

How Much Does an MVP in the Super Gets Paid? 

According to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, each player of the winning team in the Super Bowl is supposed to get $150,000. In the 2020 season, the winners of the Super Bowl have entitled to $130,000 and bonus cash of $20,000 each. 


The Super Bowl is an exciting football game of the year, and everyone enjoys the goodies that come with it. The Super Bowl most valuable player award is awarded every year after the Super Bowl game to honor and celebrate that particular player whose contribution was highly appreciated. To enjoy such highlights and more about football, tune in to Top Daily Sports Picks sportsbook for the best resource, tips, picks, and news of all major sports in the world. 


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