The Top 10  Cloud Service Providers Of 2021

The Top 10 Cloud Service Providers Of 2021

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Service Providers

Well, they are services that provide cloud computing and storage resources & infrastructure to those in need. The demand for cloud services has grown exponentially over the years. From academic writing services offering Buy assignment online help & EdTech businesses to marketing firms & AI start-ups, logistics companies and governments, cloud computing services allow different enterprises to augment their operations, efficiency, and performance massively, with minimal investments.

This article looks into the top 10 cloud service providers in 2021, but before that, here’s a brief rundown of cloud computing as well as the attributes & features of diverse types of cloud services.

The Biggest Cloud Service Providers Of 2021

The cloud computing industry is worth billions today. The field witnessed tremendous advancements & proliferation in the past decades, thanks to advances in electronics, computer networking and software engineering. The IT and electronics industry Giants were the pioneers and took the initiative to new heights, as evident from the immense capabilities, powerful features, and widespread proliferation.

Today, many companies are offering extensive cloud computing services replete with various powerful features and functionalities. We start with one of the pioneers in the industry, Amazon Web Services.

  1. Amazon Web Services

It is natural for the world’s largest online retail company to possess exceptional prowess, far-sight, and network computing capabilities. No wonder Amazon Web Services was one of the first companies to offer computing infrastructure as a service way back in 2008.
AWS is now the most prominent cloud service provider and is fast releasing brand-new virtualization options. In addition, AWS has gone beyond cloud processing and storage and is currently offering over 200 integrated features & services across 77 availability zones & 24 geographic regions. As a result, AWS has a solid grip over 30% of the cloud market share.

Services offered by AWS are Virtual Private Cloud, EC2, AWS Data Transfer, Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, DynamoDB, AWS Key Management Service, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Lambda, etc.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Azure offers a wide range of cloud services such as AI+Machine Learning, Analytics, Blockchain, Compute, Containers, DevOps, IoT, Microsoft Azure Stack, etc. In addition, Azure has more data centers around the world than any other provider.

  1. Google Cloud
    Google’s cloud services employ PCs, storage, graphics processing units, virtual machines, etc., situated at Google data centers. The service is accessible at different payment plans and use the Pay As You Go, business model. Google Cloud employs the same infrastructure as Google Search, YouTube, Google Apps, etc.

Google Cloud services include AI + ML, Containers, Compute, Developer Tools Hybrid & Multi-Cloud, Serverless Computing, Storage, and more.

  1. IBM
    IBM Cloud offers IaaS, PaaS and Saam via its cloud delivery models. IBM Cloud allows users to choose and combine different cloud service offerings across multiple devices. An abundance of specialized services that help businesses plan & cutting-edge applications across varied IT environments.

Services offered by IBM cloud include IaaS, PaaS, Saas through public, private and hybrid models with services like Compute, Network, Storage, Cloud Packs, Database, Analytics, IoT, Dev Tools, Blockchain, Migration, Integration, etc.

  1. SAP
    The SAP cloud platform is an enterprise cloud service, considered one of the best cloud service providers thanks to its impeccable security, administration & cloud computation. SAP HANA is the most well-known among its cloud administration, while SAP Cloud modernizes enterprise applications of Apple products.

SAP offers Cloud Application Services, Cloud Peering, Customer Experience Services, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP Learning Hub, and SAP Preferred Success, etc.

  1. Rackspace
    Rackspace offers numerous cloud computing services for various users: web hosting, cloud block storage, cloud backup, databases management, servers, etc. Rackspace Cloud is a significant player in the cloud service industry, offering the latest in storage, processing, encryption, and reinforcement.

Rackspace offers various services such as Cloud Files ( a cloud hosting service that offers unlimited online storage and content delivery for media), API, Cloud Servers, etc.

  1. Dell VMWare
    VMWare is Dell’s cloud child. With key partnerships with AWS, VMWare is slowly establishing a solid footing in the cloud computing industry. The service primarily focuses on virtualization and fully adopted app containers tailored for cloud deployment.

VMWare offers edge-to-cloud functionalities, easy application deployment & migration from data centers to the edge and the cloud, cloud containers like Kubernetes for accelerated app delivery, AI & ML support on both edge & cloud infrastructure.

  1. Hewlett-Packard Enterprises
    HP, an icon in the digital industry, offers a blend of hybrid and multi-cloud services, different combinations of public and private cloud services. Private cloud services are delivered via private networking channels, while public cloud services offer IT resources via the Internet. One of the unique aspects of HPE is that it aims to become the first edge-to-cloud PaaS provider.

HP cloud solutions reach out to customers through the hybrid cloud, HPE Container Platforms for migration non-cloud apps to the cloud, agile DevOps with HPE Pointnext Services, HPE Greenlake for comprehensive cloud transformation across multiple data centers & edge and augmentation of existing cloud services. Additional offerings include data storage as a service, compute as a service, networking as a service, software as a service, etc.

  1. Oracle Cloud

Oracle is transitioning swiftly to the cloud. The company is primarily known as a SaaS provider in the cloud but looks to spread its wings in the IaaS and PaaS domains. Oracle is a well-established provider of services at the top of the cloud stack. With Oracle cloud, the company now offers IaaS, PaaS, and Data as a Service.

Oracle IaaS offers Compute, Storage, Networking, Database, Load Balancing, Governance, DNS monitoring, etc. In addition, Oracle PaaS offers Application Development & Integration, Business Analytics, Data Management, Security & Management, Storage, Networking & Edge Services, databases, and more.

  1. Alibaba Cloud

The primary cloud service provider in the Chinese economy and a rising giant in the Asiatic region & across the globe, Alibaba Cloud was initially designed to serve the primary company service, the Alibaba B2B e-commerce marketplace. Since then, Alibaba Cloud has expanded & developed further and is now offered to the public.

Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of services across numerous categories: Elastic Computing Storage and Content Delivery Network, Database Services, Security, Monitoring & Management, Analytics, and Data Technology, Application & Media Services, Middleware, Cloud Communication, Internet of Things, etc. Alibaba Cloud is now available in 19 regions and 56 available zones around the globe.

And that rounds up this article. Hope this article was an informative resource for readers and anybody looking to avail the best cloud service provider in the industry.

All the best!

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