The Exhilarating Experience of Nature And Adventure At Mushrik National Park

The Exhilarating Experience of Nature And Adventure At Mushrik National Park

Mushrik National Park

Modernism is omnipresent in Dubai -the UAE’s most futuristic emirate. The glistening towers of modern architecture catch your eye from the moment you step foot on its land. The concept of Dubai has always been one of a modern city filled with an exciting buzz. However, there are also certain attractions scattered throughout the city that will let you pause, steer away from sophistication and enjoy nature. A good example is the Mushrif Park, a sprawling park that also happens to be one of the oldest and largest parks in Dubai.

This recreational park was opened way back in 1974 when Dubai’s futuristic vision was still being weaved together. It offers a haven for individuals of all ages to savour nature’s splendour. Since major renovations were done, the park has expanded its offerings and is now much more than just a walk in a nature park.  Check out this short guide for all the information you need about Mushrif Park, Dubai.


Mushrif Park occupies around 1300 acres or lands near Al Khawaneej in Deira. The park is a popular spot for families to spend a day together and for visitors to enjoy mild adventures.

How to Reach

This family recreational park is located along the airport road and is just around 10 minutes away by car. The fastest route from the airport to Mushrif Park is via D89. It is near to the Old Dubai region and Dubai Creek and is around a 20-minute drive from Downtown Dubai. You can also drive along the E311 road to reach Mushrif Park. The nearest metro stations to Mushrif Park are Etisalat Metro Station – Green Line and Rashidiya Metro Station  -Red Line. However, you will need to hail a cab after disembarking from the metro station to reach the park.

Best time to visit

The park is open all year round so any time you can visit the park. Nevertheless, the fresh air and sunshine of October till April are best for experiencing outdoor attractions in Dubai. This period is ideal for picnics and walks in nature.

Things to do

1. BBQ Picnics

Mushrif Park is quite famous among locals for BBQ picnics. The park has dedicated spots with benches and seating facilities for picnickers to enjoy freshly cooked BBQ meals and have some quality time with friends and families amid nature.

2. International Village

While strolling around the park, you will come across a series of houses and landscapes built in different architectural styles. These are dioramas of houses from all over the world featuring distinct styles of architecture. For a moment, you would feel that you have stepped out of Dubai and are on a journey through different lands of the world. Don’t forget to click loads of pictures for your Instagram feed as it is one of the most picturesque sights to visit in Mushrif Park.

3. Aventura Park

One of the popular recreational adventure spots for kids and grown-ups, Aventure Park is teeming with rope courses and ziplines. Boasted as the largest zip line park, this attraction offers a range of zip lines and climbing adventures through forested areas for all ages. The park has an entry fee that varies according to the adventures you choose. 

4. Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre

Take a journey among stars and galaxies and explore the wonders of the universe at this Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre. The first astronomical facility in the UAE, it comprises of the largest telescope in the UAE and offers creative programs and planetarium shows for all ages to enjoy.

5. Children’s park and Swimming pool

Mushrif Park is a budget-friendly way to soak up, swim and beat the heat in Dubai. If you are looking for a relaxing dip and some water splashingfun with your family in a pool, then this park has a serene swimming pool just for that. Kids can have their fair share of fun and thrill at the dedicated Children’s play area. The park also has recreational facilities such as cycling paths, camel, and horse riding services.

6. Park Timings and costs

Mushrif Park stays open Sundays to Wednesdays from 8 am till 10 pm and on Thursdays till Saturdays and Public holidays from 8 am till 11 pm.

The Park opens in the afternoon during Ramadan and stays open till 11 pm.

Adults and children have to pay AED 3 per person as entrance fees.

Children under the age of 2 years and People of Determination can access the park free of cost.

Those arriving by car need to pay AED 10 per car as an entrance fee.

For accessing Swimming pools, there is a charge of AED 10 per adult and AED 5 per child.


Dubai is remarkable for having several green spaces despite being a desert city. Mushrif Park is one of the best tourist places in Dubai where families and friends can enjoy a good time and forget about the busy city for a while.  With its many attractions for fun-seeking people of all ages, it is an ideal recreational destination and a picturesque nature spot for every age to revel in. The picnic area is ideal for enjoying an outdoor meal with family and friends.  It is a place where tranquillity and fun can be found without the bustle and hustle of Dubai’s mega-adventure and themed parks. Mushrif Park is the ideal place to enjoy sublime moments seasoned with a touch of thrill.

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