The Art of Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Trends and Tips

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Trends and Tips

Salt and paper diamond ring

A symbol of love, passion and commitment is your engagement ring. A band that ties two souls together for eternity, a band that celebrates your success and journey together. Such an important symbol of love must be chosen with utmost care and consideration. 

Ready to ask her the most important “YES” of her life? Sit back and dive straight into the tips and trends for choosing the perfect engagement ring for her. Make this moment the most precious and cherished moment of your life. 

The significance of your engagement ring. 

It is an ancient belief and tradition to propose to your woman with the most charismatic engagement ring. The ring is a physical bond of trust, loyalty and a promise to keep for eternity.

Carrying the tradition many couples celebrate their ancestors’ wedding bands as their current engagement rings.  Welcoming their traditional beliefs as the heirloom of the family jewelry

With modernization and changes in jewelry design from the Art Deco era, engagement rings are rejuvenized and revamped in their look, textures and tones. 

Not only female engagement rings but even male bands are much more considered and crafted according to their lifestyle, personal style and comfort. 

It is exciting to see how jewelry has become one of the most beautiful aspects of bonding two hearts. 

If you need help with how to pick and craft your love symbol for her, get along to create the most iconic engagement band in history. 

Tips from the experts at Rustic and Gold: 

The Diamond Decision

The most important part of crafting a unique engagement ring is the diamond selection. Evaluating the 4C’s of your diamond holds the entire role of craftsmanship. 

Cut: The cut of your diamond must be well-defined and light-reflecting to allow your gem to sparkle louder than the sun on your big day. Make sure that the style you choose is comfortable for her to carry. There are multiple diamond cuts and styles that you can explore before you commit to any shape. 

Color: The hues play the second most important role in the artistry of your engagement ring. Color grades from D to Z in diamonds make sure to evaluate before you begin. 

Clarity: The clarity of stones is VS, VVS, S, I and so on. Marks the sparkling factor of your diamonds. 

Carat: The carat of your diamond is the size of the stone you wish to put on a band. The larger the carat the more pricey it will be. 

Pick exceptional artistry. 

Designing your band doesn’t have to be a serious issue, play with hues, settings and unique craftsmanship when it comes to crafting a band together. 

When you choose experts by your side, you can explore a variety of band styles, diamond settings and color co-ordinations. 

You can design a dual-tone couple ring to make it even more special. Pick your and her favorite hue to craft this piece. Fall in love with the crisp artisanal features of diamond jewelry crafted at our stores. 

A Diamond Trend to Fall for.

With the change in diamond styles, customers want more and more each day. Something that keeps them lingering on that particular piece of diamond. 

We have heard your voice as we introduce you to the all-new fashion-forward range of Salt and Pepper diamonds that are exquisite, exceptional take on traditional engagement rings.  

If you wish to celebrate her presence in your life with something as unique as her, take pleasure in checking out some of the latest Salt and Pepper engagement rings that we have handpicked just for her happy soul. 

A collection of heartfelt pieces just for you! 

minimalist bride ring

The minimalist bride: A bride who has a super active lifestyle needs a modern engagement ring that is extremely flexible and comfortable for her daily activities. 

Give your bride the comfort she deserves with this triangle Salt and Pepper diamond. Crafted with precious white gold allows your bride to take pride within her band. 

She can also wear it as a stackable ring with the rest of her collection. 

Salt and paper diamond ring

The Luxe Bride: Crafted for the brides who are head over heels in love with unique geometric patterns and star-studded engagement rings. 

The rare Salt and Pepper diamond ring set has the perfect kite-shaped gem as the center of attraction. Featured with multiple baguettes, princess-cut diamonds and marquise this starry ring has just enough bling that is needed to bring that big smile to her face. 

The Final take-away. 

Engagement bands are more about personal style statements rather than following any guide, whether you are a fan of small minimal rings or fancy chunky diamonds it’s a matter of personal choice. 

Do not hesitate to explore the fun side of unseen diamonds to craft your engagement rings. You might craft the most precious jewelry that you own with these gemstones. 

Explore these unique and fancy diamonds available at the best range online at our stores. For custom-created styles, you can chat with our experts online.

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