8 Ways How Computer Vision Has Been a Sentinel Against COVID 19

2020 was a challenging year for the entire world, as humankind continued to battle against the deadly COVID-19Disease.And the fight hasn’t ended yet. But it certainly has been made easier, thanks to Computer Vision. A subfield of AI, Computer Vision has simplified several complex problems in the healthcare industry, thus helping in controlling COVID-19.The biggest challenge in containingCOVID-19 has been […]

Cyber Crime And Security

Cyber crime is widely defined as any criminal activity that involves an electronic device, another electronic device or even a public system. Cyber crime often includes common computer security threats such as system attacks, data corruption, password vulnerabilities and social engineering. However, cyber crimes are much more than just these common security issues. A recent survey found that one out […]

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Technologies

If you’re using a smartphone, then you can say that you use something that was developed with the help of mobile technology. That’s exactly what mobile technologies were used for – for creating technology items that are portable, and you can include here more than just the smartphone, as you can also have access to laptops, netbook computers, and tablets, […]

5 Most Popular eCommerce Website Builders of 2021

According to a research survey of Statista, Experts made a prediction that the eCommerce software application market will earn above 6.53 dollars billion in 2021. The market revenues will leap up to 1.3 dollar billion in 5 years. As per the collected data, we are ensured that the demand for eCommerce websites will increase on a rapid note. An eCommerce […]

Home Security With Automation Technology

Home Security-The appearance of the web has improved the network. With improved innovation, it is currently conceivable to interface various gadgets. The availability is restricted to cell phones and PCs; it has reached out to associating everything like the carport entryways, entryway locks, doorbells, electronic gadgets, lights, speakers, clocks, etc. Innovation permits these gadgets to convey, send you data and […]

Why is US farming so successful?

In terms of agricultural production, the United States is far superior to other countries. Agriculture in the United States not only meets the needs of the population for basic foodstuffs and raw materials, with the exception of some crops grown in the tropical zone (such as coffee, cocoa, bananas), but also provides large export surpluses.  In terms of the export […]