Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Many people are becoming interested in massage therapy as a relaxing alternative to physical exercise or just to keep healthy. There are many benefits of massage therapy that have been discovered over time. Massage therapy is used by millions of people throughout the world for a variety of reasons. Discovering the benefits of massage therapy is important for both individuals and medical professionals.

Reduce or Eliminate Postural Stress

One of the main benefits of massage therapy is that it can be used to reduce or eliminate postural stress. Postural stress is caused by many things such as improper weight-bearing techniques, muscle tension, and sitting in one position for too long. Massage is great for decreasing stiffness, improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and increasing the range of motion of tight muscles.

Relieved Muscle Pain

The benefits of massage therapy go beyond helping individuals reduce or eliminate postural stress. Muscle pain is often relieved during and after therapy. A skilled massage therapist will be able to identify which muscles are tight and weak and will work these muscles thoroughly. By targeting weak areas and massaging them, pain is relieved and stiffness is prevented.

Helps with Anxiety & Depression

Another great benefit is that some of the studies published in scientific journals have shown that massage has helped to lower the levels of anxiety and depression experienced by individuals who were undergoing chemotherapy. In one study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, patients who were undergoing chemotherapy were found to be less depressed and anxious after nine months of massage therapy. Additionally, anxiety was found to be significantly reduced, as was the case with a group of breast cancer patients who were undergoing treatment.

Improve Range of Motion

Massage has also been shown to improve the range of motion. Some individuals experience greater movement when their muscles are adequately stretched. This is important for individuals who experience pain on a regular basis as well as individuals who become injured. As muscle flexibility enhances, so does pain management. Individuals who experience chronic pain may find that massage therapy is an ideal way to manage this chronic pain without using painkillers.

Improved Flexibility

Massages improve flexibility. Many of the techniques used to improve flexibility use slow, steady pressure to stretch the muscles. This consistent stretching helps to lengthen muscles and ligaments. Individuals who want to achieve a better night’s sleep or individuals who have been sleeping poorly can greatly benefit from consistent massages to their muscles and joints.

More Benefits

There are numerous other health benefits of massage therapy. For example, some people report having improved bowel and bladder functions after receiving massage therapy. Massage has also been found to relieve headaches and cramps, as well as massage for pain relief. Individuals who are experiencing joint pain or stiffness may find that massage therapy can help to alleviate these conditions. As the muscles and tissues are stretched, the tension in joints is relieved, reducing pain.

Individuals seeking a way to relax muscle groups and reduce stress may find that massage therapy is an ideal solution. The relaxing techniques used in massage therapy may also promote a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to develop a healthier immune system through massage therapy. While there are many ways that massage therapy may improve your health, nothing is as easy as taking a quick soothing rub.

Therapeutic massage may also be utilized for the relief of muscle tension, headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, and other conditions. Many individuals are surprised to discover that the benefits of this treatment are not limited to the superficial. In fact, it has been found that muscle tension headaches and menstrual cramps are relieved after a single session. In addition, muscle tension headaches and menstrual cramps are often accompanied by lower back pain, which is relieved after a treatment session as well.

A study showed that massage therapy significantly reduces blood pressure. Other research has indicated that the soothing effects of this therapy help to alleviate symptoms of depression in adults.

One of the biggest benefits of massage therapy is its effect in decreasing and eliminating tension headaches. This is especially important for people who suffer from chronic tension headaches, which typically occur when an individual is stressed out.

Massage has been found to reduce the tension-inducing effects of high levels of cortisol in the body, which is found in individuals who regularly go through periods of extreme stress. One of the most common ways to treat headaches is by using massage therapy because it can increase circulation, alleviate tension, relax muscles and reduce the amount of cortisol in the body.

Additionally, acupuncture is another method that is often used to treat tension headaches. Both acupuncture and massage therapy has been found to reduce the amount of chronic pain in individuals who experience them.

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