Summertime Safety Tips for Your Pets While You Have Them on Pet Sitting Services

Summertime Safety Tips for Your Pets While You Have Them on Pet Sitting Services


With summertime in full swing and the warm sun out, you may just want to enjoy your favorite cold drinks and spend considerable time outdoors. Most pet owners often see this as an opportunity to get their furry being outside and enjoy the sun. They even try to get pet sitting services to Take over this task as they themselves head for a summer vacation. Unfortunately, many pet sitting services don’t understand that there is considerable risk when it comes to taking pets outdoors in hotter weather conditions. 

Here are some of the summertime safety tips for your pets even when they are at a pet sitting service near me: 

Consider what the potential dangers that your pet may face are? 

Pets sure do love to be outdoors where they are able to run, play and explore the area to the best of their ability. However, they don’t always know what is best for them, especially if they have been home trained since they were born and have had less experience outdoors. As a responsible pet owner or a pet sitting service consultant, it is your job to keep your pet out of trouble. One must always read on to explore what are some of the important things that they need to watch out for while being outdoors during a hot summer day.

  • Watch out for hot surfaces.

Walking your pet on hot surfaces such as roads or sidewalks can be very harmful to your pet’s paws. This act is the human equivalent of sipping on a brewing hot cup of coffee and burning your tongue. The temperature on asphalt can go up to 125° Fahrenheit even when the temperature outdoors is 77°. Always test the road using the back of your hand, and if you can withstand the heat directly for seven seconds or more, then it will be safe for you to walk your pets on that surface.

However, if the surface of the sidewalk or road that you intend to use is too hot, then you can use other ways to help your pet to get some outdoor exercise. You can obviously take the pet to the dog park or to the local woods. The parks in these two areas are often cool as a result of the grass or have a cooler dirt path.

  • Watch out for insect stings.

Pets with all of the curiosity have an extremely bad habit of finding and disturbing different hives and less on the ground level. This could significantly elevate the risk of getting a dangerous and painful sting on their bodies. Keep a regular check of the property that you’re going to for signs of different Ness such as Hornets, bees, and wasps. Also, ensure that your pets are never unattended or found sticking their nose where they don’t quite belong.  

If you were hiring pet sitting services, then you may want to tell the status of your pet’s different symptoms such as swelling, itching, and redness and get the vet to evaluate your pet. 

  • Watch out for heat strokes.

Pets don’t sweat as much as we do. Therefore the more time they spend out in the sun, it’s easier for them to get a heat stroke or exhaustion from heat or even exhibit stress. Some of the very common tell-tale signs of getting a heat stroke are if you see your pet’s vomiting, having diarrhea, drooling and having red gums, or even excessively panting. You may even want to get your pet to a pet dental centre to examine the red gums if you think they are too affected. 

These are some of the safety tips for summertime that you should consider while taking your pets out or if you get a pet sitting service, let them know to check these aspects of your summertime fun. 

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