Find Top 5 Quick Fixes for Your Bolo Bracelet

Find Top 5 Quick Fixes for Your Bolo Bracelet

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A bolo bracelet is an adjustable bracelet with a slide with the two ends of the bracelet tied into it. The slide can make the bracelet bigger or smaller, depending on the wrist size of the person wearing it. Bolo bracelets are minimalist and a useful fashion accessory that you can use for everyday use and on special occasions. This guide walks you through everything around bolo bracelets; let’s look at this quick repair guide. 

However, before we begin with the fixes, let’s quickly look at these ornaments’ design features. 

1. Primary Design Feature

The design of these bracelets comes with a large centerpiece gemstone and two chains attached to each side. The chains pass through a slide that allows one end of the chain to move freely, and the other end passes through a rubber stopper to stop it from moving around and enable the tightening of the bracelet around your wrist.

The unique design of the bolo bracelets are often confusing to new users, and thus, they often come across general malfunctions when using them. Some of the common problems that the owners of bolo bracelets face and how the jewelers fix these issues are provided here.

2. Common Problems With Bolo Bracelet & Their Fix 

Bolo bracelets are known for their creative and unique designs. However, these unique designs do come with their own cons. The incorrect use or rough use of this bracelet will lead to the bracelet’s breaking or malfunctioning. This type of breakage or malfunction often requires help from a jeweler who is skilled in fixing such ornaments.

3. Fixing a Broken Slide

The bolo bracelet’s design features a slide that allows the bracelet two ends to pass through them. The slide is made of metal, often with a unique engraving or designs on them. In the two holes of the slide that allow the pass-through chain, one of them features a rubber stopper to make sure the chain does not move freely through that entrance. This is done so that there is a way to keep the bracelet tight around your arm. Sometimes due to improper usage, the rubber stopper may be detached from the slide, or the slide can break.

It is not possible to repair the bracelet without changing the slide. More problems lie because the replacement slide may not be of the same design as the original, as replacement parts are seldom available at repair shops. The best you can get is a slide of the same material as your original without any designs and engraving to match the original slide.

4. Fixing a Broken Chain

You can easily fix a broken chain of your bolo bracelet by soldering the broken chain back together. It is done by placing the chain back in its position again and then using solder to melt an alloy metal to glue the broken part of the chain again. The reattached chain is then ready to be used again without almost no signs of breakage anymore.

In a broken chain, the repair process is not that complicated, and the results are quite satisfactory as long as skilled jewelers perform it. In some cases, one of the chain links is required to be cut open to put the chain back in place again. Following that, the opened link is again soldered shut with a metal alloy.

In chain breakage cases, the problem of not finding the right materials to fix the problem is not really an issue. The repair is almost always invisible to the naked eye if a skilled jeweler performs it.

5. Transforming your bolo bracelet into a regular bracelet

People are often attracted by the bolo bracelet’s unique design but cannot continue with it for long due to its somewhat fragile mechanism. In such a case, you can easily turn your bolo bracelet into a regular bracelet.

In doing so, you will be losing the ability to make your bracelet bigger or smaller to your convenience. You will gain the security of not having to deal with the slide system and have a perfectly fitted bracelet specifically made according to your wrist size.

The jeweler does this transformation by first measuring your wrist’s size and making the chains of the bracelet fit perfectly according to the size of your hand. The excess chain is removed. And a locking mechanism such as a lobster clasp is added to the bracelet’s two ends.

The regular bracelets can also be worn and removed according to your needs. But you will lose the ability to resize them to your convenience, as mentioned above.


Bolo bracelets are one of the classic bracelet choices revamped to match the trends of time over the years. Today bolo bracelets are available as diamond bracelets. Diamond bracelets for women made in the bolo bracelet style are trendy among women of all ages. Despite its mechanism and its cons, the bolo bracelet has remained popular due to its unique design and charm. So, It is better to fix the old bracelet than to get a new one.

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