SEO Tips for Ranking Better on Amazon

SEO Tips for Ranking Better on Amazon

Ranking Better on Amazon

You can start by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and trying to figure out how he buys what he needs. He will either search Google or Bing or, if he’s a regular Amazon buyer, he will buy on Amazon.

There are many products on Amazon, and E-commerce platforms offer a wide range of products. So how can you make sure your product is visible to customers searching for it?

You need to know how things work. Amazon has a unique search engine that allows customers to make purchase decisions and drives them to Amazon. It’s called Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Like any other SEO, if it isn’t done correctly, it will result in poor sales as customers won’t be able to find the product you are selling.

What is Amazon SEO?

You might think of SEO as referring to the ranking and traffic that your website attracts. Amazon uses SEO for the same reason: to attract traffic that will convert into sales.

Amazon is a customer-centric business. To make customers happy and ensure buyers find what they need, Amazon created their search algorithm. It’s different from Google’s or Bing’s.

Why is Amazon Search Algorithm so Important?

A buyer searches Amazon for a product and enters keywords. He then sees an Amazon page that lists all the products in a particular order, which Amazon ranks.

Customers can view 15-16 products per page in the List view. Gallery views show 24-25 products. The platform allows you to rank search results by page and then display them as pages.

Most likely, buyers won’t buy your product if it is not ranked high and appears on page 5. They would choose to stay on page 1 and then look at the products on page 1. They would be at least three-quarters of the total.

How do you get to page 1? How does Amazon choose the products that appear on page one? How can you rank high in Amazon SEO?

Amazon’s Search Algorithm selects from millions of products on Amazon and ranks them according to their relevance to customer searches.

How to Get Rank Higher With Amazon A10 Search Algorithm

It is important to understand how to get your product to page 1 in Amazon’s search. Statistics show that most shoppers won’t go further than page 1. 

This goal can be achieved with SEO Amazon. Let’s discuss how to optimize your product so that it ranks at the top of search results.

Optimize your Product Listing

Optimizing the amazon product listing is the most important thing you can do. Review your listing if you want to increase your Amazon sales.

You must have a product description that is relevant and concise, as well as bullet points and comparisons with other competitors. This will convince your customers to purchase from you, and not your competitor. Professional photos and videos are essential.

Amazon keyword optimization is another thing you should consider. Amazon keyword optimization is also important. Customers will search for products using keywords. The product listing should include relevant categories.

Review your Amazon keyword research. I’ll suggest SellerApp’s Amazon keyword tool for performing amazon keyword research. Amazon autocompletes maybe a tip for keyword updating since it suggests the most searched terms.

As always, you can also look at customer reviews and listings of competitors as sources for keyword ideas.

Keep in mind that keywords must match customer search terms as closely as possible. A10 will select your items based on relevance.

Grow Your Seller Authority

A Seller Authority is an important factor in SEO for Amazon. This includes a low number of negative reviews, low returns rate, and a variety of product portfolios, Buy Box.

This is also considered an extension of your product portfolio if your product falls into many categories.

This metric measures the ratio between the number of customers visiting your product page and the number who purchase. This formula calculates it:

Conversion Rate: Total Orders = Total Product Listing Sessions

High conversion rates are a key factor in the product ranking.

Increase Organic Sales

Organic sales are those that occur without any marketing. This type of sales is mainly driven by a perfect product listing, a proper keyword set, as well as proper category selection.

Take into account internal sales

Amazon Marketplace sales, such as those from the frequently bought together, recommended’ or similar product’ sections. This metric is now more important in the A10 Algorithm.

PPC Sales still Matters

Although Amazon is giving PPC campaigns less attention, they should not be overlooked. It is still a great tool to increase sales, and eliminate the sitters which are slow-selling products.

Don’t forget to track your business analytics. You can maximize your profits and account health by keeping track of your numbers.

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