Science Of Astrology And Ways To Make a Career in it

Science Of Astrology And Ways To Make a Career in it


Astrology can be entitled as a science, as it encompasses a calculative analysis of the position of planets and stars and their impacts on terrestrial events and human affairs to help forecast fate. These predictions are broadly read around the world. Best Astrologer India utilizes a set of rules about celestial bodies’ relative movements and positions to generate explanations and forecasts for future events of an individual’s personality traits.

Astrology as a career:

Astrology is catching demand worldwide, and why not? It is one of the most profitable career choices in India. Be it the pressure of career, need growth in business, relationship and marital issues, the people’s health, or educational success, believers of astrology seek their solutions accordingly based on astrological remedies and predictions recommended by the experts in the field. And to gain a successful and Best Astrologer India position, one needs to study the required course and acquire enough knowledge through reputed astrology institutes such as 

  • Institute of Astrologer Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Bengaluru
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai
  • Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Vadodara

All these institutes offer research and PG courses. And many professional and experienced astrologers spread their knowledge by taking private astrology coaching classes. And this pandemic has lead to open multiple online astrology courses at an affordable process that can be exclusively profitable for one’s career choices to be an astrologer.

Types of astrology:

Astrology can be widely categorized into Vedic astrology and western astrology depending on the solar and lunar systems.

  • The Vedic system ultimately relies on moon-based astrology that covers all the areas of life. On the other hand, western astrology relies on the placement and motion of the Sun and focuses more on psychology.
  • Vedic or Indian astrology encompasses the Parashara system, Jaimini system, more than 20 nadi systems, prashna astrology, mundane astrology, satyachara system, and many more concepts.
  • However, defining the planetary periods and positions is universally applicable because it depends on the mathematical systems.

Horoscope reading fascinates the Indian public, and it depends on the place and duration of an individual’s birth. According to Hindu astrology, birth charts are known as kundali, which are very important. Auspicious rituals and events begin initially after checking the kundali of an individual, including the marriage in which the birth charts of girl and boy are matched.

Scope of astrology:

Once you are precise with your basic learning principles of astrology, it is recommended that you get yourself trained under a professional astrologer as an intern to acquire more exposure and experience. If you got enough experience, it is a boon for you to work comfortably by sitting at your home as well quickly. Many Indian and global markets demands for Indian astrology and online consultation have been attaining momentum precisely because of its confidentiality and safety. Therefore, a consultation center can offer the gourmet a professional experience. In addition, multiple best apps cater as a marketplace for interested astrologers, ultimately saving your marketing effort and costs. Both the astrologers and solution seekers meet at one space and ease up the online counseling process via their tech platform through these apps.

Choosing astrology as a career is tremendous as the public and celebrities, depending on these to plan their next moves. The consultancy price of astrology may vary from dollar 10 to dollar 500 for an hour, based on how famous the Astrologer would be. Starting from childbirth to their marriage, career, health, and relationships, people look after the astrological remedies and predictions to attain relief in the day-to-day happenings of life.

Job skills in astrology:

Below are the lists of job skills required to attain a Best Astrologer India position

  • They must possess a degree of integrity, empathy, and a sense of responsibility
  • They should have an optimal educational background and interaction ability
  • They should be OK at mathematics and calculations
  • They must possess a strong fundamental knowledge about the planets, aspects, signs, houses, progressions, and transits.
  • They must have the ability to simplify the readings for the astrological charts and give suitable solutions.
  • They must be an ideal counselor and people’s person
  • They must possess enough skill to understand a zodiacal chart precisely.

The salary package of an astrologer:

An astrologer’s salary package is based on the customer and the type of work they acquired. The full-time employed Astrologer’s package starts from rupees 10,000 per month, increasing up to rupees 25,000. In addition, the salary package exceeds as per the skills and the number of experience they possess. Therefore, the salary of an astrologer varies as per their job profiles.

Admission process in astrology:

Interested people can apply for admission in astrology courses both online and offline. The admission forms are given on the official website of the colleges if you are attempting to apply online, where the people have to fill the admission form with all the required details and submit it. And for offline applications, people have to reach the college and fill the form later submit the application at the admission office at the college.

A career in Astrologer’s syllabus:

Below are the lists of subjects through which each Best Astrologer India has attained its position in today’s date:

  • Astrology basics
  • Effects, significance, and the behavior of planets
  • Yogas and integration of zodiac signs, planets, and places in the horoscope
  • Relatively impact of time by the understanding of Dashas
  • Study of collections
  • Horoscope reading
  • Predications and Comparisons
  • Effects of zodiac signs
  • Doshas and defects on horoscope
  • Solutions for doshas
  • Planets in multiple positions of horoscope
  • Projects on astrology


From the above article, you would have known the things required to be the Best Astrologer India and keep in mind while choosing astrology as a career. It is excellent work helping people forecasting their future. The craze for an astrologer keeps on increasing and has gained more momentum during times like this pandemic. So if you are keenly focused on making a career as an astrologer, this article is for you to understand all the details and complete your career and people’s life a happy one.

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