8 Best Resorts Kabini For Nature And Wilderness Enthusiasts!

8 Best Resorts Kabini For Nature And Wilderness Enthusiasts!


Kabini is one of Southern India’s famous rivers and crosses two states, which houses one of the luxurious forest reserves and a massive dam. This is from Wayanad in Kerala, passing Karnataka, and the most beautiful reservoir comes into being.

And travelers can find peace and rest on the banks of these backwaters of the best resorts in Kabini around the Kabini forest reserve. These best Kabini resorts will rejuvenate your mind, full of nature and rich fauna.

The best and most beautiful resorts

1. The Serai Resorts

The Serai resorts are one of the best resorts in Kabini, in a vast area of approximately 70 acres. The best thing about the resort is that the resorts were not even built using 20 percent of the land. Kabini’s abundant flora and fauna have been used as home to much of the country. Enjoy the best of convenient picnic areas, lively funfairs, or mountain biking trails to the very heart of Kabini, with the largest seaside accommodation available. This is one of the finest resorts in Kabini.

2. Kabini Springs Resorts

You are searching for a tariff not to burn a hole in your bags for one of the best destinations in Kabini? Only look at the resort of Kabini Springs. Experience the pure happiness of this resort on the banks of the Kabini River in Nagarahole National Park. A perfect balance between fun, food, flora, and fauna, the Kabini Springs Resort is a magical paradise to chill your loved ones of the bustle and business of the region.

3. Waterwoods Lodge

The Waterwoods Lodge is popular for the first time that it is the private property of all Kabini resorts to enter the premises of the Kabini River, Nagarhole National Park. Visitors can only fall in love with the resort’s colonial structure with the tranquil waters of the Kabini River. Waterwoods Lodge provides panoramic views of the Brahmagiri range that provide a perfect setting for a cool vacation nearby with two Tiger reserves.

4. Kaav Safari Lodge

Kaav Safari Lodge is situated in one of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s biggest protected forest areas at the foot of Nagarhole National Park. Kaav Safari Lodge is one of Kabini’s finest jungle resorts. It is the best place to experience the true essence of Kabini. The Resort offers its guests fresh dining, guided nature walks, and thrilling bike tours, in addition to style interior and fully-equipped suites.

5. Kabini River Lodge

The Kabini River Lodge is a successful result of a joint venture between the Karnataka Government of Tourism and Forest Departments, and the Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd., one of the best Kabini resorts to support ecotourism. The spacious, sophisticated houses for Mysore Maharaja once used as the hunting center, invite visitors with a calm and quiet atmosphere.

6. Kabini Lake View Resort

On the border of thick Nagarhole national park to the south, Kabini Lake View Resort is a perfect getaway from metropolitan folly, one of the best resorts near the river Kabini. Thanks to its iconic location, the rear water cruise is one of the most beloved activities of the resort. Enjoy light music in firefights along the river and do so as you like the rich wildlife for a day under the stars in the Kabini Lake View Resort.

7. The Peepal Tree

This is possible in 22 well-equipped and complete cottages at the Peepal Tree. Known as one of Kabini’s most picturesque and panoramic resorts, staying here leads to the surrounding flora and fauna. The Peepal Tree offers lush sceners, lush scenery, green landscapes, a peaceful environment, and luxury resorts on the banks of the lovely Kabini River. Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset panoramic views with amazing views across the water.

8. Red Earth Resort

Red Earth Resort in the backwaters of Kabini, which is very close to Kabini Dam, is one of the most traditional and yet new. The resort offers other travelers a peaceful spot for relaxation and rejuvenation, away from home. The resort’s fine dining and vegetation are well known, mainly a source of all the organic plants the chefs used to cook.

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