8 Tips To Reduce Bad Cholesterol From Your Body

8 Tips To Reduce Bad Cholesterol From Your Body

Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Reduce bad cholesterol level in your body by doing simple tips below.

According to a recent report quoted by the Times of India, women are more prone to heart problems, especially those who live in big cities. As we know, men are actually more likely to have heart problems, but why the research reported vice versa?

It is derived from increased levels of cholesterol from women who perform regular health tests. Even 33% of women who perform tests have revealed alarming levels of cholesterol. To prevent yourself from having heart disease, perform the following steps to reduce bad cholesterol.

8 Easy Tips To Reduce Bad Cholesterol

1. High Fiber Diet

A registered dietitian from Apollo hospitals advised to eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce bad cholesterol. These foods can improve digestion and bowel movements, which then help to reduce bad cholesterol levels. “Fiber can absorb the excessive bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and dispose it. You can also eat oatmeal because they have the same function,” he added.

2. Good Cholesterol

Ideally, to avoid heart disease, your level of bad cholesterol (LDL) should be low and good cholesterol (HDL) is high. Eat a diet rich in Omega-3 fat content can help reduce bad cholesterol. One onion a day can also reduce bad cholesterol levels. Doctors also mentioned that the content of the Omega-3 fats can be obtained from fish and dried fruit.

3. Pure Meat

Make sure when you eat or cook red meat, you get rid of the fat. In addition to reducing fat intake that can make you fat, it can also reduce bad cholesterol. If you regularly eat red meat, make sure that your meat is free from fat.

4. Stop Alcohol

Many alcoholic beverages are intoxicating and not good for kidney health, but red wine is actually can reduce bad cholesterol. Red wine has been proven to lower LDL levels and maintain cardiovascular health. So choose to drink red wine at a party than a cocktail or other alcoholic beverages. But make sure you have full control when drinking, do not drink it too much.knight of pentacles as feelings

5. High Protein

A good diet is supported by a high protein intake, but not excessive. Lipoprotein can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body, while raising good cholesterol levels, which can prevent heart disease.

6. Low Carbohydrate

Not consuming too much carbs also help to reduce bad cholesterol. To be heart healthy, avoid eating high crab. When high carbohydrate present in the body, glucose goes up and increases the risk of diabetes. But you should first consult the doctor about this carbs diet.

7. Defecating Routinely

People often think that they have disorder although they consume sufficient and nutritious food. There is a forgotten thing, which is defecating routinely. When the food entered your body, it is good to have balance in excretion. In some cases, irregular defecation will interfere with the absorption of nutrients and cause migraine. Although not directly reduce bad cholesterol level, defecating routinely can help you to be healthier.

8. Exercise Regularly

Balance the Healthy foods that you consume with regular exercise. Exercise will stimulate the heart to pump blood throughout the body, burn calories and help spending toxins through sweat, as well as help to reduce bad cholesterol.

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