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Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Moving Company

Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Moving Company

Selecting A Moving Company

Selecting A Moving Company-Moving to a new house can be quite challenging because you will need to make several important decisions in a short span of time. Homeowners will need to determine the move date, select the best supplies, get moving insurance, and complete several other tasks before moving. However, the most important decision homeowners will have to make will surely be choosing the right moving company.

Homeowners may get confused as there are several New York City moving companies out there. This will make the process of selecting a moving company difficult. Homeowners who find themselves in such a situation should consider asking the following questions to moving companies before hiring them. We believe that asking these questions will help you easily identify the right moving company.

Are You Licensed Through FMCSA

The FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a government agency, which regulates the operation of commercial vehicles to ensure safety for both customers and companies. It is true that FMCSA accreditation will not guarantee that the moving company will offer excellent service at a fair price.

However, choosing New York City moving companies will FMCSA accreditation allows you to ensure that you are not choosing a fake company. You will be able to see that most moving companies have two identification numbers issued by the federal government. Enter either one of these numbers into the database of FMCSA to check if the moving company is licensed through FMCSA or not.

Are You A Carrier Or Broker

Most homeowners might not be aware of the fact that New York City moving companies can be divided into three different categories and they are the following.

  • Brokers or brokerages
  • Carriers or van lines
  • Broker or carrier hybrids

Moving companies that are brokers will be outsourcing moving services to other companies with whom they have partnered with. When you notify brokers about moving, then they will post it on a marketplace-like community board. Multiple companies who are partnering with the brokers will be able to bid for the work.

On the other hand, carriers handle the entire process of moving with their in-house staff members. This will offer a better and seamless experience to homeowners. Finally, broker or carrier hybrids handle some of the moving services with their in-house staff while outsourcing a few moving services to other companies.

It is important to know how different New York moving companies operate so clearly ask them whether they are a carrier or broker before making a final decision.

What Coverage Do They Offer

Moving coverage can be defined as an insurance-like service, which will cover the cost of homeowner’s items if they go missing or break during the move. Most New York City moving companies are required by the law to offer free basic liability coverage to homeowners. So, you should ask your preferred company what will be covered in the basic liability coverage.

If you are not happy with the basic liability coverage offered by the moving company, you could consider getting an FVP (Full-Value Protection). That said, full-value protection can be relatively expensive and some moving companies do not offer it.


In addition to the above-mentioned questions, you should also ask the following questions to moving companies before hiring them.

  • Do you provide binding estimates
  • Are there any additional or hidden fees
  • How do you handle loss and damage claims
  • Do you offer shipment tracking
  • What will happen if I cancel the move

You will surely be able to get a clear idea on what moving company is the best choice for your needs if you ask all these questions to moving companies.

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