Payroll for Small Businesses

Payroll for Small Businesses

Payroll for Small Businesses
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Payroll for Small Businesses

Payroll for small businesses in the UK is one of the most common concerns of a business owner. UK accounting firms are famous for providing a wide range of payroll services. However, there are also many problems associated with small business payrolls. Most small businesses are not able to afford to outsource their payroll needs, but that is before they even think about considering the disadvantages of a professional payroll outsourcing service.

Payroll Needs 

Many small businesses have accounting employees. These employees handle the payroll for the business and all of the payroll needs of the business. The problem with this setup is that it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of all of the payroll information of each employee. If employees quit their jobs or move to a new city or state, it can be difficult to retroactively change the payroll system used by the business. All of these issues add up quickly, and many small businesses find themselves wondering if outsourcing their payroll system is the best option for them.

Professional Payroll Service

Small business accounting firms are able to help with payroll for small businesses. These accounting firms will take care of all of the payroll administration. They will keep detailed records for each employee and create checks and reports for the business to use on an annual or quarterly basis. Some accounting firms may even offer payroll services to clients. Outsourcing payroll to a professional payroll service provider has many benefits for small businesses.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

One of the main benefits of payroll outsourcing is that there are often no restrictions on how the payroll should be handled. Many outsourcing companies will allow the client to input their own rules for payroll, which can be as simple or as complex as the business allows. If there are any legal restrictions for the outsourced payroll service, those are usually taken care of as well.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms will also take care of the taxes for the small business. The accounting firm will prepare the payroll tax forms and keep the forms properly maintained. There are typically no special skills required for the payroll administration for most small business accounting firms. However, there are some small business accounting firms who may require some training for their employees. If your business has any seasonal employees, an accounting firm may be able to offer payroll services to them as well. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to processing the payroll taxes at the end of the year.

Save Money 

Small businesses that outsource their payroll also save money on the cost of employing additional staff to do this task. Outsourcing the payroll to an accounting firm not only costs less in labor but can save business money by not having to buy employees’ benefits. Typically, business owners have to cover their own benefits for their employees, which can eat into any extra profit they make. Outsourcing the payroll also means that any accounting mistakes that the business makes can be easily corrected without needing to hire another employee.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping System 

Many small business owners underestimate the amount of information that they need to keep track of for their businesses. A comprehensive bookkeeping system is essential to making sure that everything is accurate. Businesses have a lot of different expenses to account for, and a comprehensive bookkeeping system will allow them to track all of these accounts quickly and efficiently. The most popular systems available for accounting firms to use include QuickBooks and Microsoft Money. These systems are very affordable and easy to use, and they are capable of managing a variety of accounts, including payroll, profit and loss, expenses, and sales.

Payroll Outsourcing

Before you decide on payroll outsourcing, it’s important to consider all of the pros and cons. Payroll can be an extremely time-consuming and complicated task, so it’s a good idea to look into the alternatives to payroll before moving forward with payroll outsourcing. You should also consider the skill sets of each accounting firm that you’re considering. Small businesses may be best served by using payroll outsourcing, especially if they don’t have a lot of specialized knowledge in accounting or in payroll compliance. Accounting firms that specialize in payroll are also more likely to provide personalized service, which can really make your small business feel special.

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