Mobile Car Valeting- Give A Brand New Look To Your Car

Mobile Car Valeting

Attention to detail and taking care of any and every vehicle that comes for services is a key to excelling in mobile car valeting services. They make sure that the services they provide restore the condition of your car and make it look as new as possible. Interior and Exterior valet services are available. Depending on what your car needs, you can either get only an interior valet done or you can get full interior and exterior valet services. These services provide a variety of different packages from which you can choose, depending on what your car requires at that time.

Services provided by Valet Companies:

A variety of services are provided by the valet companies for fulfilling the needs and requests of your vehicle.

Standard Valet:

It is the most common type of valet service that people usually get for their cars. This just not involves removing grime from within your car but also involves a detailed cleaning service of all the dust that has been built inside it. In this the car is first washed, then dried, and then hoovered for removing the dirt and dust from all the hard-to-reach spaces. And then to give it a final look, it is polished and then hands waxed. Tires are given a shine and windows are cleaned from inside and outside. For standard valet service, usually, a car is required for 2 hours but then it also depends on its condition and size. Usually, £40 is paid for such type of services but if you get additional services done, then you have to pay extra also.

Car Waxing Valet:

Car waxing is done to give a warm and shiny look to the exterior of your car. For this purpose, buffing equipment is used which transforms your car’s paint into a dark color that shines and transforms into different colors, upon hitting the light. This gives a pleasing look to the exterior of your car. The wax acts as a sealant for the paint and is best for repelling water away from the exterior of the car. Not only this but it is also used for filling in minor scratches and giving a protective outer layer to the car’s paint.

Deluxe Valet Services:

These are mostly for people who wish to sell their car. This includes a detailed interior cleaning of the car including its steam cleaning. A full exterior cleaning includes a citrus pre-wash, safe wash, and chemical decontamination. Ceramic infused paint protection spray is also applied to all the exterior surfaces. Engine bay and alloy wheels are cleaned and then the wheels are protected with a sealant. Attention to detail is given to every service even whilst washing and cleaning. When the vehicle goes for the valet services, professionals make sure that they are handled with care.

The equipment used for exterior car valeting:

  • Steam cleaners: These are used for steam cleaning the engine of a vehicle. You will be amazed to see how a clean engine will work to its full potential. These can also be used for cleaning the bodywork of your vehicle in order to reduce water pollution.
  • Pressure Washers: These are high-pressure devices for eliminating the dirt and grime on your car exterior. This process requires little effort and effectively cleans your vehicle. However, these do not need refills therefore they are not to be confused with a water container.
  • Static Pressure Washers: These are in fixed positions and are mostly used to clean commercial vehicles. The vehicles are driven up to them and they also have security systems so that when the vehicles are standing outside they are protected.
  • Chemicals: A variety of chemicals are used for increasing the work efficiency of your equipment. For exterior and interior cleaning purposes, you will find a variety of products like multi-cleaners, glass polishers, rubber cleaners, leather dressing, etc. that will work for you.

What are the steps involved in a car valet service?

  • The first and foremost thing which is done in a car valet service is to wash the exterior of the vehicle thoroughly. After this is done, the crew members hand dry the excess water with a help of a microfiber towel.
  • Then silicone wax is applied manually on its exterior. The crew members make sure that the wax is applied evenly and is distributed throughout the vehicle service for achieving an all-over shine.
  • Then with the help of a buffing material, the wax is gently worked into the car’s surface. This gives it a glossy mirror-like shine.
  • And in the end, the wheels of the vehicle are automatically cleaned with the help of a rotatory brush system. This gives an instant, long-lasting, and brightening shine to your vehicles and gives your vehicle a brand new and polished look.

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