Maintenance Checklist For Farm Tractors To Keep Them Healthy For a Long Time

Maintenance Checklist For Farm Tractors To Keep Them Healthy For a Long Time

Maintenance Checklist For Farm Tractors
Tractor Maintenance Checklist

Keep your tractors healthy for a long time

Agriculture is a very important sector for any country. Similarly, agriculture is an essential sector for India, and a major part of the Indian economy is based on agriculture. More than half the Indian population is engaged with agriculture. The industry involves many advanced farm equipment like tractors, harvesters, cultivators and many more. All the farm machines play a vital role in successful farming, but tractors have a special place in agriculture. Tractors are an essential aspect of productive agriculture as they can efficiently perform almost every kind of farming application, whether it’s big or small. Many tractor models are available, such as Swaraj 742 FE, Mahindra 575, Eicher 242 and many more to perform different tasks. 

Many different tractors are available in the Indian market, such as mini tractors, heavy-duty tractors, utility tractors, etc., which perform various farming tasks. Tractors are the main reason for successful farming, and that’s why every farmer always wants them in good conditions. For this, farmers should do proper maintenance of the tractor. Of course, farmers can go to the garage for maintenance, but sometimes it’s quite expensive. So, to avoid expenses, maintain a tractor daily at home, which keeps it in good condition for a long time without spending a single penny. And now only one question comes to mind, which is how to maintain a Tractor? So, we come here with a tractor maintenance guide to answer your question. 

Before starting maintenance of the tractor, you have to check the manual which comes with tractors. In the tractor manual, you can get all the detailed information about tractor inspection and maintenance tips. So, you can care for your tractor with ease. 

To prolong the life of your tractor, you must follow the below mentioned daily tractor maintenance tasks. Check out the daily maintenance checklist for your tractor.

1. Check Water Level 

Start your tractor maintenance with the water level. First, check the water level in your tractor. And if the water level is below the recommended mark, then you should refill it. Water level checking comes under the main tractor maintenance tasks that must follow.

2. Check Oil Level 

In the next step, you have to select the oil level of the tractor. You should check the oil level of your tractor daily, without oil the machine cannot run. After the tractor engine cools down, you should check the oil level in your tractor. If it is below the recommended mark, refinement is essential. 

3. Check For Damage

After the oil level, you have to check leakage and damage of other parts of your tractor. Those parts include pins, nuts and test bolts, and these parts require regular tightening. The dings are the part that rubs against the tyres and acts as a prover to apply. With this, you need to check for damages of ROPS and accessory blades.

4. Clean The Air Cleaner 

The next step includes an air cleaner. On an excellent tractor working, clean the air cleaner by using an air filter. The task of an air filter is to stop polluting fuel to destroy your tractor. It is suggested that you should clean the tractor air cleaner daily and fill it with dirt-free oil.

5. Check Fuel Filter 

Now go with a fuel filter. The fuel filter and air filter are almost identical in terms of maintenance. Most tractors come with a water separator in the fuel filter. This separator prevents damage to the engine of your tractor. You must maintain a fuel filter regularly and adequately.

6. Air pressure of Tyres 

Tyres are a significant part for any tractor as it is related with safety and productive work. So, in the next step, you have to check this essential part of the tractor. Check tyres air pressure from time to time for proper safety and maintenance. It will provide you with an idea of whether your tractor tyres need air or not. You must maintain tractor tyres as those from that company are more powerful and unreliable than others. 

7. Gearboxes 

Gearboxes play a very important role in the tractor’s working. So, in the next step, you have to go with gearboxes. For this, you have to check gearboxes weekly for smooth work. 

8. Greases 

Tractor parts that require regular greasing and regular greasing can protect your tractor parts from rust and damage. In addition, proper greasing can help your tractor to move smoothly on the ground. Therefore, adequate greasing of your tractor is a very important point in your weekly tractor maintenance guide.

9. Clean Belts 

The tractor’s hydraulic pump, alternator, coolant pump and other accessories are dependent on the belt. It transfers mechanical power to the engine to make it work smoothly. These accessories cannot perform their proper function without a proper belt.

By following these tips of maintenance, you can keep tractors like Swaraj 963 FE , Eicher 380 etc., healthy. These essential parts are essential, so your tractor works for a long time by maintaining them. Also, by following these tips, you can maintain your tractor at home and save extra expenses. 

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